Accounting Associate

Seeking an individual that will be responsible for performing accounting, financial and administrative tasks such as recording payments to customer accounts and maintaining accounts receivable records as well as compiling and processing payable records.  Ideal Candidate must have excellent organizational and analytical skills.  Bilingual a plus.

Rentals Customer Service Representative

Seeking an individual to increase Rental equipment sales and services to new and existing customers in the east and west coast of the South Florida peninsula. Ideal candidate must have excellent customer service, sales and closing skills.  Must be a motivated self-starter with great organizational skills to manage their assigned territory. Bilingual a plus.

Parts Office Clerk

Seeking an individual that will be responsible for taking care of customers that come in and order or to pick up an order.  Will also assist in the administrative functions for a busy parts department. Ideal candidate must have at least 2 years of experience. Must also have excellent organizational and customer service skills. Bilingual a plus.

Project Engineer

Seeking an individual to review, design, procure and deliver equipment for incoming customer purchase orders based on customer’s requirements, project specifications and sales proposals.  Ideal candidate must have a degree in Engineering and 2 years of related experience and/or training. Bilingual preferred.

Parts Counter Sales

Seeking an individual to work in a busy parts department. Candidate will be responsible for selling diesel engine parts to domestic and export customers. Must have basic diesel engine knowledge. Excellent communication and customer service skills required. Bilingual a plus.

What to Expect From the CAT Captains Class in Miami, FL

CAT Captains Class in Miami, FL | CAT Captains Class Near Me

Ever thought of becoming the captain of a CAT-powered boat in Miami, FL?

If so, you are in the right place.

Becoming the captain of a high-powered boat is not something you can do overnight, especially when it comes to CAT-powered boats.

Caterpillar is a world-renowned brand that produces some of the best marine engines on the planet.

A Caterpillar marine engine can perform unlike any other across Biscayne Bay. Becoming a CAT captain requires hands-on training before you can handle the power and performance of such a boat.

Lucky for you, Pantropic Power offers the best CAT Captains Class in Miami, specifically designed for owners and crew of certain CAT engine crafts.

This class is focused on training captains for CAT-powered boats in Miami, and completing it gives you the comprehensive training you need to become an official Caterpillar Captains Class holder in Miami.

Let’s discuss some of the things you’ll learn from the CAT Captains Class in Miami and what to expect.

What to Expect From CAT Captains Class Miami

The CAT Captains Class in Miami, FL, involves comprehensive training overseen by highly experienced, professional Coast Guard Captains. You train to learn about operations, maintenance, and efficient use of Caterpillar marine engines.

You also learn everything there is to know about Caterpillar marine engines, including:


  • Basic Engine Concepts


You learn all the basic marine engine concepts, some of which you may already know if you are a boat enthusiast. However, the basics are always important, and you will go through them in detail.


  • Engine Design 


A CAT Captains Class holder knows the engine like the back of their hand. Learning engine design gives you a complete rundown of all the moving parts of Caterpillar marine engines. This knowledge helps you better understand how CAT engines work and what makes them superior to other engines.


  • Maintenance


Good maintenance is the mark of a CAT Captains Class holder, and you can expect to learn how to keep your marine engine and boat in pristine condition at all times for unmatched, efficient performance.


  • Fuel Systems


If the engine is the heart of a boat, the fuel systems are its veins. You learn exactly how fuel is supplied to the engine, what kind of fuel injection is used, and much more. 


  • Lubrication


All the moving parts need to perform together for the boat to deliver its best; this is where lubrication plays a key role. It allows perfectly synchronized movement of parts so the engine and boat can perform like a well-oiled machine.

A CAT Captains Class holder must know it well, and you can expect to learn it in great detail.


  • Cooling Systems


Caterpillar marine engines run hot and deliver in all Miami waters and weather conditions. However, this does not happen by chance. There are complex cooling systems in place to keep the engine from overheating, especially during hot Florida summers.

The CAT Captains Class in Miami, FL, teaches you everything there is to know about the cooling systems that support the engine through thick and thin.


  • Cat Controls and Displays


Proprietary CAT controls and displays give captains the control, feedback, and indicators they need to get the most out of their boats. You learn hands-on how to read and use them for superior control of your boat.


  • Propulsion Systems


Caterpillar marine engines deliver on demand; however, it is the propulsion systems they provide power to that move the boat. You learn how they work, what they do, and what they feel like at the helm.


  • Much More


This is not all. Our CAT Captains Class in Miami, FL, teaches you rating concepts, marine generators, and much more.

Contact Pantropic Power Today

Getting hands-on training and learning these things are important to become an official CAT Captains Class holder in Miami, FL, which is necessary to become the captain of a CAT engine craft.

Through the comprehensive training and knowledge from Pantropic Power, you can become a captain with the most detailed understanding of Caterpillar marine engines and crafts.

More than anything, you can expect to get some of the best training available from some of the most experienced captains in Miami.

Visit our website to learn more about CAT Captains Classes in Miami, FL,.

Sales Support – Engineering Administrator

Seeking an individual that will be responsible for supporting the various Sales and Engineering departments.  Ideal candidate must have excellent organizational, communication and time management skills.  Must also be detail oriented.  Bilingual a plus.

Project Manager

Seeking an individual with experience in the design or project managing of electrical distribution systems, emergency generators, switchgear, and automatic transfer switches.  Ideal candidate must have a degree in Electrical Engineering and at least 5 years of Project Management experience.  Bilingual preferred.

Choosing a Marine Generator for Extended Trips on the Water

Marine Engine Service Miami

Today’s mega yachts or large sportfishing boats are usually furnished with a lot of equipment that demands power. A marine generator can come in handy to keep your air conditioning, electronics, and all other appliances running whenever you need them. 

When buying a generator, it’s important that it is the right size and has sufficient power to supply all your equipment. When you need marine generator parts delivery in Miami, contact Pantropic Power. Until that time comes, here’s what to look for in a generator for extended trips on the water.

Know Your Needs 

Fortunately, there’s a generator to fit any boat. When choosing a generator, it’s crucial to know how much power you will need. Most people supply power to the following appliances without question:  

  • Air conditioning
  • Electric stove
  • Refrigerator

If you want to live more luxuriously while on the water, you may also need power for live-bait pumps, microwaves, and even sound systems. Knowing exactly how many kilowatts you need will help you select the right generator. That way, you won’t buy or rent a small, insufficient generator that burns out quickly, or one that supplies too much power.

Check out our Cat gensets, which are built to provide dependable, efficient service under the most extreme conditions. Designed with the latest technology, the models we sell deliver more power and greater efficiency. Contact us to learn more about our gensets and generator parts. We provide marine generator parts delivery in Miami or curbside pickup.

Size Matters 

Knowing the necessary kilowatts is important, but the physical dimensions matter, too. You don’t want to purchase a generator that’s too big or too heavy. You also don’t want it to fit snugly into a space, as you won’t be able to gain access to all its features. 

That’s why this is an important step when looking for the right generator. Measure your boat’s available space, double-check the measurements and then triple-check them. From there, compare those measurements to the specs of the gensets you’re considering.

Choose Your Fuel 

To make things easier on yourself, choose a generator that requires the same fuel as your boat. If your boat runs on diesel, we have many CAT marine generator sets that run on diesel for your choosing. 

Most mega yachts and large sport-fishing boats use diesel, which simplifies this step. Diesel is more commonly used because it’s safer than gasoline, particularly in such small quarters. 

At Pantropic Power, we provide marine generator parts delivery in Miami and can also service your generator. Whether you need parts, service, or both, we’re here to help.

Professional Installation 

Even if you’ve installed a generator in the past, it’s not recommended to install a marine generator on your own. This installation demands mechanical skills and experience that you may not have. Additionally, the labor involved is not a one-man job. Hire a professional with years of training and installation experience, as this will help prevent safety hazards.

Proper Maintenance 

Your generator should last several years as long as it’s well maintained. So, you should have it routinely serviced, especially if you are planning a long trip on the open sea. This is a large investment, and it can last several years if properly cared for. 

In South Florida, boating season is year-round, so if you use it frequently throughout the year, this helps to keep it in working order. You should constantly check its most important components, like the oil and coolant levels. You should also have a professional routinely service it according to its maintenance schedule.

Contact Pantropic Power for a free inspection of your generator and to perform other necessary maintenance needs. At Pantropic Power, our technicians are highly skilled and know the latest diagnostic tools to service your genset, such as:

  • Extended service coverage
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Bundled solutions
  • Repowers and more

For more intricate projects, we also have a dedicated in-house mega yacht specialist to handle your needs.

Contact Pantropic Power

Pantropic Power was established in 1986 and is currently the only authorized Caterpillar™ Power Systems Dealer for South Florida. When you need marine generator parts delivery in Miami, we are available 24/7 for emergency service. Most of our parts are available and can be delivered or picked up at any of our four locations.

How to Choose the Right Diesel Engines in Miami

Generator Service | Diesel Generator

Depending on the job, selecting the right diesel engine is critical for successfully achieving it. A standard view is that all engines are the same, and you can get the power you need without considering anything else. Sadly, these misconceptions make it harder to do the job right, and it can overwork the engine. 

Several factors must be considered when choosing the type of engine that is appropriately suited for your job. Knowing what they are is the key to making sure you have enough power, performance, and durability. Keep reading to learn more. 

The Uses of Diesel Engines in Miami

Diesel engines are standard in boats, trucks, trains, generators, and barges to perform various tasks. They are used by farmers and in construction to do the heavy lifting, drilling, cutting, and the movement of goods and commodities. 

Diesel engines are popular with the military for the power they offer, and these engines are not as combustible as others. They are frequently used to provide primary and backup power supplies to electrical plants, hospitals, manufacturers, and skyscrapers. 

Locating the right diesel engines in Miami depends on the job, its size, and its uses. They can go 15% to 20% further than conventional engines and offers considerably more power. 

Selecting the Right Diesel Engines in Miami

There are several factors you must consider to choose the right diesel engine for the job. Knowing what they are is critical to ensuring it will not break down and needing to select diesel engine parts in Miami. This makes things easier, and you can get the job done right without having any issues. Here are a few things to look out for when choosing the diesel engine you need.

The Temperature Range

The heat of South Florida is known to be brutal, with temperatures reaching up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity that we’re all too familiar with.

These factors mean that engines can overheat during some of the hottest times of the year. Because of this, you’ll want to select one that can handle extreme temperatures better and can perform under high temperatures. 

The best way to enhance protection is using oil that can withstand the changes in temperatures, such as the Maxtron DEO series. It will absorb the heat and keep the engine running during the hottest times of the year. 


The current economic conditions in the post-pandemic world mean that budgets are restricted, and buying a new engine is out of the question for many. With that in mind, older diesel engines are put to the test, and more is demanded. 

Because of this, you want to make sure you are properly caring for and maintaining your diesel engine. If your engine is a little on the older side, it may be best to speak with a professional to see if it’s time for a replacement.

Manufacturer Requirements

Anytime you are getting ready for a large job, it is critical to follow the specifications from the manufacturer. This means reading the owner’s manual and thinking about what is necessary to keep your diesel engine performing at optimal levels. 

You want to complete all the required maintenance before you begin and ensure you use the proper lubricants to keep it cool. 

Following the manufacturer’s recommendations is the key to ensuring your engine is in good shape and ready to go when you are!

Fuel Economy

Gasoline prices fluctuate and this affects how much it costs you to operate machinery and perform the job at hand. You’ll want to consider how many miles per gallon the engine needs, the length of time you are using it, and the total costs when choosing a diesel engine. 

Pantropic Power Can Help You!

Choosing the right diesel engines in Miami is the key to having the best equipment for the job and getting it done properly. 

Call Pantropic Power today at 305-592-4944 to see how we can help you choose the right diesel engine for your needs.