Service Coordinator

Seeking an individual with strong organizational and analytical skills to assist in the administration of a busy service department. Ideal candidate must have previous clerical experience.  Bilingual a plus.

Safety Coordinator

Seeking an individual that will be responsible for directing the organization’s safety programs to protect employees, vendors and volunteers against harm, and maintain safe working conditions. Candidate will also be responsible for contamination control duties. Ideal candidate must two to five years of related experience and/or training; Program Certificate in Safety; or equivalent combination of experience and education. Bilingual a plus.

Who Can Help With My CAT C32 Overhaul In Miami?

CAT Power Systems South Florida

The Caterpillar C32 Engine is a marine diesel motor. In South Florida, our marine environment is constant, as summer lasts all year round. Because of this, marine motors and engines have repairs more often than those who keep boats in other areas of the United States. It can be difficult to find a company who knows all there is to know about marine life, boating, engines, and CAT machinery. Luckily, at Pantropic Power, we offer a multitude of knowledge on diesel motors, and can easily help our customers with all of their CAT C32 Overhaul Miami.

What Exactly Is An Overhaul?

For those new to the marina lifestyle, the word “overhaul” and its meaning may be difficult to grasp. Essentially, an overhaul is a service offered by our professionals at Pantropic Power. Engine Overhauls give clients a “like new” engine. This is more cost-effective, as a new engine is incredibly pricey. At Pantropic Power, we have authorized Caterpillar Power System Dealers. In fact, we are the only certified dealers in all of South Florida, making us the best choice for all CAT machinery needs.

What Can I Expect From A CAT C32 Overhaul In Miami?

When a boat or yacht owner needs an engine overhaul, the engine must be removed, cleaned, inspected, and repaired. Then, the engine is thoroughly inspected by our skilled and certified technicians to ensure that your “like new” engine is running appropriately. Overhauling generally includes checking gaskets, oil seals, bearings, fuel coolers, seawater pumps, thermostats, and more.

How Can I Schedule An Inspection?

At Pantropic Power, we offer free engine inspections. If your C32 engine is in need of repair, remodeling, or simply an entirely new pick-me-up, perhaps a CAT C32 overhaul in Miami is your best choice. With over a decade of experience and practice, our team is assembled of the best technicians South Florida has to offer. Though a new engine may sound enticing, don’t spend the money if you don’t have to. Call (305)-592-4944 today!

Service Advisor/Dispatcher

Seeking an experienced Service Advisor/Dispatcher that will be responsible for working closely with customers and other departments. Will also segment work appropriately and get paper work ready for warranty claims, as well as coordinating repairs with the service technicians. Ideal candidate must have at least 2 years of experience. Must also have excellent organizational and customer service skills. Bilingual a plus.


Three Helpful Generator Maintenance Tips For Miami

Generators are stored away until they are needed. But if your generator is not taken care of properly, it may suffer from issues that will stop it from working when it is needed most. Generators help our homes and businesses keep their power on, even when disaster strikes. Generator maintenance in Miami is essential. A healthy, well-functioning generator could be the difference between anger and frustration, or peace and comfort.

How Can You Perform Optimal Generator Maintenance In Miami?

In business since 1986, starting as a single store in Miami, Pantropic Power specializes in Electrical Power Generation Systems. We know that it can be easy to neglect our generators until a hurricane or tropical storm raises havoc, but with these generator maintenance tips, you can rest assured knowing that your generator will be ready to work efficiently when the time comes.

Oil & Filters

Your generator works hard, especially when expected to perform for long periods of time. Generators will need oil within the first 25 hours of running. If the power outage takes many days, you’ll want to be sure that you’ve collected the necessary supplies to keep your generator performing smoothly. Filters are important, as they help you to clean the generator. This needs to happen every 60 hours. Many individuals don’t know that generators take significant maintenance during a long storm, and if you aren’t ready with the appropriate supplies, you may be in for trouble.

Cool Your Engines!

Like most machines, your generator will need to be refueled every so often. However, one of the most tragic mistakes home and business owners make is refueling the generator when the engine is still hot. This can cause a life-threatening experience. Instead, wait approximately 20-30 minutes without your generator, and allow it to properly cool.

Don’t Let Your Generator Run Out Of Gas

Another mistake many home and business owners make during a power outage is letting their generators run out of gas. Not having proper supplies is detrimental to your generator’s lifespan, and you may find yourself heading to a repair shop when you should be resting comfortably at home. Your generator may come to a stop, but the electrical currents will still be sending messages through the circuits. This drains your generators ability to produce power, leaving you out of luck during hurricanes and tropical storms.
At Pantropic Power, we offer generator maintenance in Miami, in case anything happens to your backup power supply. We understand that not all individuals are familiar with proper generator maintenance, but never fear, Pantropic Power is here! With years of experience with heavy-duty machinery, repairs, parts, and sales, we are South Florida’s number one choice for all generator needs. We offer 24/7 parts availability and onsite product support, as we know mishaps can happen at any time. Don’t go through storm season without a trustworthy and dependable name to call. Put our number in your phone today!

Save Your Business with Rental Power Solutions

CAT Power South Florida

Picture this. You own a business. You knew that hurricane season was about to start, but you didn’t really pay attention to the preparations you might need for when a hurricane forms. Later, you experience a category 3 hurricane and your business is left with no electricity. You are left in the dark with no light. You see the effects of not being better prepared for the hurricane season. You see a loss in your business’ productivity, data, and profits.  

Rental Power You can Rely On

Power disturbances are expensive. Power disturbances can take days to get fixed. They are horrible for customers, too. They will not able to buy the things they need after a hurricane because your business is not open due to a loss of electricity.  

Pantropic Power is a generator service provider. Our Fort Lauderdale location can be a resourceful place for you to know. Why? You can go there in person and rent a generator set or cooling system from Pantropic Power. Our CAT rental fleet is the most modern and largest in South Florida.  

We keep up with the regulations stated by the Florida Building Commission (FBC) with regards to electrical generators. Every Pantropic Power System is built to your own specifications. Each generator we give you comes with fuel tank and enclosure options that meet and exceed FBC regulations.  

Whether you need stand-by power for your daily business or you need on-location power for a special event you are hosting, Pantropic Power can customize a turn-key solution to override any power interruptions. We are South Florida’s authorized Caterpillar dealer specializing in CAT Power Systems, CAT Marine Propulsion, and CAT On-highway engines. We are also a genuine CAT parts and Caterpillar certified repair and maintenance provider.  

If you need assistance in signing up to become a rental customer, call us today at 1-800-237-2945. That is our toll free 24 hour hotline. Caterpillar Rental power experts are standing by right now. Pantropic Power is your premier one source, call, and solution for generator rentals. 

Be Prepared for a Hurricane Early & Not When It’s Too Late

It is always better to be prepared for a hurricane before the tropical storm warnings than waiting for later to get ready. Too many businesses lose money when they remain without power after a hurricane. That’s why it’s important to have a backup generator. It ensures your business will be up and running while your competitors are still in the dark. Pantropic Power in Miami has a comprehensive fleet of reliable generator sets ranging from 20KW-2MW trailer mounted and sound attenuated. 

Every company should have in place a hurricane contingency plan. The plan is designed to protect the staff and visitors in their safety and health during a hurricane. Pantropic Power wants the best for you and your employees.

When you sign up to be a preferred rental customer of Pantropic Power, you can enjoy the following advantages:  

  • We help you set-up a contingency plan, so that all parts of your facilities are fully prepared if and when the worst scenario strikes. 
  • We will provide all maintenance and service support through a single point of contact. 
  • We make sure that you will be in line for power generation equipment and fueling schedules. 
  • We can provide technical support by CAT certified technicians or relevant training workshops.  
  • We assist you in planning for a business recovery after a hurricane and provide temperature control of an existing building or even a temporary structure. 

Pantropic Power in Miami, FL has diesel generators and we also specialize in mega yacht service maintenance. We know how power disturbances can cost you money for your business. Don’t let time pass you by or wait for a hurricane warning to go into effect. Call us today!  

Mega Yacht Service Maintenance Offered in Fort Lauderdale

Mega Yacht Service Fort Lauderdale

Pantropic Power, Inc. in Fort Lauderdale is now offering advanced mega yacht service maintenance. What qualifies as a mega yacht? A yacht is a recreational boat or ship. A mega yacht is a recreational yacht that is over 50 meters long or 164 feet. A mega yacht is a ship or boat that is smaller in size to a typical cruise liner or oil tanker, but bigger than a small sail boat. Mega yachts require lots of maintenance. The engine needs to be checked and maintained on a regular basis. The electricity has to be checked. Tons of other parts of the mega yacht has to be well kept and observed, too.  

It’s a good thing Pantropic Power, Inc. exists. Pantropic Power, Inc. is a company that provides generator service and maintenance, as well as marine engine service and truck service maintenance. Now they are adding advanced mega yacht services to their long list of quality services. This mega yacht service maintenance include the following features:  

  • Dedicated project management 
  • Power management, control, and monitoring 
  • On/offsite services options 
  • Class certifications/tests 
  • Worldwide parts sourcing 
  • Generator over hauls and maintenance 
  • Refits on gen-set up to 500kw or 2500hp 
  • Overhaul warranties out to 5 years 
  • Load bank services 
  • Rental power during repair 
  • Worldwide services available 

Another great characteristic about Pantropic Power, Inc. is their special offer on Sea Trial. This company is now offering free sea trial and new boat owner orientation. A Sea Trial is usually conducted to measure a vessel’s performance and general seaworthiness. The engine technicians at Pantropic Power, Inc. can document your engine’s performance while underway and determine conformance to engine specifications.  

There’s more. Pantropic Power, Inc. in Fort Lauderdale has available free on-site marine engine health inspections. A CAT® trained professional will come to you and perform the inspection. They will even include oil analysis, ECM download and consultation. Take advantage of these amazing offers for your maga yacht and marine boats. Visit Pantropic Power, Inc.’s Fort Lauderdale location at 1881 W. State Road 84, Suite 1036, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315. Feel free to call them any day at (954) 797-7972.   

Power Generation Specialist

Seeking diesel engine technicians to diagnose, service, and repair, industrial and power generation equipment.  Ideal candidate must have at least 2+ years of experience.  Bilingual a plus.  CAT certifications preferred.

Pantropic Power, Inc. in Miami Has Genuine Caterpillar™ Parts

Caterpillar Parts and Service Miami

Pantropic Power, Inc. carries a full line of Genuine Caterpillar™ and OEM parts to meet all of your requirements. This company carries 98% of the Genuine Caterpillar™ parts. They have several 24-hour emergency parts available. It is very simple to get the parts you need. You just go online to and order your parts. It is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The CAT part or parts you need can be picked up at any of Pantropic Power, Inc.’s four locations throughout South Florida. You can have your CAT parts delivered to your home or office directly, if you would like. Pantropic Power, Inc. offers one-year warranties on all their CAT Marine parts.  

Some of the Caterpillar™ parts you can get at Pantropic Power, Inc. include:  

  • Batteries 
  • Belts 
  • Engine Parts 
  • Filters 
  • Fluids 
  • Hand tools 
  • Hardware 
  • Lights 
  • Shop supplies
  • Undercarriage
  • And more

Founded in 1965, Pantropic Power, Inc. has continued to provide businesses with electrical power generators, industrial power systems, marine engines and parts, and truck and RV engine services. Their trained team has also provides mega yacht service maintenance. That is something unique. One of Pantropic Power, Inc.’s four locations is Miami, Fl. Visit Pantropic Power, Inc.’s Miami location at 8205 NW 58 St. Miami, FL 33166. A complete line of CAT trucks equipped with heavy-duty engines are sold and services by Pantropic Power, Inc. in Miami.  

Now with hurricane season here in South Florida, business owners can get generator rentals at affordable prices. Pantropic Power, Inc. will install the rental unit on demand at your locations. It will come complete with logistical planning and maintenance. Furthermore, Pantropic Power, Inc. is a Donaldson Filtration Solutions Authorized Distributor.  

Do you need help financing the Caterpillar™ parts or getting the generator you need? No need to worry. Pantropic Power, Inc. has net 30 days financing available for all charges incurred during any month. If you qualify, you will be able to get a Cat® Access Account credit card. It is a convenient and fast way to pay for any parts, services, or rentals from Pantropic Power, Inc. as well as other purchases done in the United Stated. It has a low interest rate and all you have to do it pay 10% of your balance every month. If you have any questions, please feel free to call Pantropic Power, Inc. any day Monday through Friday at (305) 592-4944.