Management Trainee

Seeking an individual to work in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area.  Candidate will be responsible for working closely with new and existing customers as well as the various service departments. Will also be responsible for segmenting work appropriately and getting paperwork ready for warranty claims, as well as coordinating repairs with the service technicians. Ideal candidate must have at least 2 years of experience. Must also have excellent organizational and customer service skills. Bilingual a plus.

Rental Yard Person

Seeking an individual that will be responsible for the maintenance and general upkeep of the rental fleet equipment and rental yard area.  Bilingual a plus.

Technical Communicator (Internal Applicants Only)

Seeking an individual that will be responsible for providing technical support for company service, parts, sales, and engineering departments, etc.  Must have excellent communication and customer service skills.  Bilingual a plus.

Warehouse Clerk

Seeking an individual with good interpersonal and organizational skills to maintain the parts warehouse, check, pull, pack and receive parts. Must be certified to drive a forklift. Bilingual a plus.

Pantropic Power Can Make Your Crew CAT Certified

CAT Rental | CAT Machine Rental

CAT certification and training services near you can be challenging to find. Especially as we struggle to get back to our normal routines. But as premier providers of CAT products and more, we have the experience and skill necessary to help you and your team stay knowledgeable. In fact, there are two items that we’ve included in our Mission Statement that touch on our dedication to providing quality service and training, they are listed below:

“As a fourth-generation family-owned business, our mission is to provide our customers with exceptional value for their equipment and power systems needs through:

  • Delivering the best product solutions and technical support by the most experienced and trained employees using state-of-the-art tools
  • Fostering a safe and environmentally sensible workplace”

There are a total 5 points to the Mission, but we wanted to take this opportunity to discuss how the CAT Training made available through Pantropic Power is supported by those two ideals.

Pantropic Power is a big believer in ongoing operator training, even for seasoned operators. Operators thoroughly trained on their machine and all the emerging technologies by itself saves your company money. If they understand what every switch and button does in the cab, the job becomes easier and more efficient, injuries and accidents are prevented, and you have fewer headaches.

Operators are somewhat conditioned to thinking their day-to-day performance is strictly what happens when it comes to the job – how many yards of dirt they moved or how many loads they carried. However, what most construction equipment owners and fleet managers want to see is an operator who is not only productive but also works hard to be efficient and takes good care of the machines.

Working efficiently and reducing wear and tear lowers your operating costs, pure and simple. Things like fuel consumption, parts wear, preventative maintenance, and repairs; when you consider all the money spent on fuel, replacing worn tires, repairing the undercarriage, and more, these costs add up month after month and take a chunk out of your company’s profit margins.

Pantropic Power in Miami offers CAT Training, including D3500 Master Mechanic, Team Training, Captains Class, Electronic Troubleshooting, Forklift Safety, CAT Electronic Technician (ET), and more. In addition to the technical training, we want to impress upon your operators how much of an impact they have on your operating costs, and how their diligence helps the bottom line.

To demonstrate, here are three quick examples of how training and best practices can help lower your company’s operating costs:

  • Keeping up with the basic maintenance. Seems simple, but while a low-cost gasket could be a quick fix to repair an engine oil leak, it could cost your company thousands if someone doesn’t make it a priority. If anyone notices a leak, they should always say something to have it fixed before it becomes a bigger issue. Scheduling maintenance, either by season or usage, is also critical.


  • Pre-start checklist. $2 worth of grease can save thousands of dollars, as greasing machines daily (or at least at the appropriate milestones directed by the operator’s manual) make a huge difference. Performing prestart checks every morning helps catch the issues when they are small. Preventing unnecessary breakdowns can save your company significant revenue.
  • Less idle time. If the machine is not going to be operated for a while, it should not sit there idle. Shutting down idling machines can save companies a remarkable amount of money in fuel costs over time. There have been cases where a 10% reduction in idle time over a year translated into over $8,000 in diesel savings and over $6,000 saved in preventative maintenance. If that were a 25% reduction in idle time, that would be over $40k and $32k, respectively. Over $70,000 in annual savings by reducing idle times by a quarter of the time they are idle now.



There are always going to be things an operator can do to cut down on expenses. Making them aware of the impact they can have on your bottom line is directly connected to our mission values of “delivering the best product solutions and technical support” and “fostering a safe and environmentally sensible workplace.” If you’re an owner looking to train your crew responsibly, or an operator looking to further your education, you can review our available courses and our training calendar here.

Get everything you need and more by calling the Pantropic Power team today at 305-970-5902. We’re looking forward to serving you!

Warehouse Clerk

Seeking an individual with good interpersonal and organizational skills to maintain the parts warehouse, check, pull, pack and receive parts. Must be certified to drive a forklift. Bilingual a plus.

Common Types of Power Outages That Require Temporary Power in Fort Lauderdale

Temporary Power Fort Lauderdale, FL | Power Generators | Temporary Electricity

In South Florida, we don’t experience power outages as often as the northern states, as we don’t suffer from severe winters and ice storms. However, that doesn’t mean that we’re never without electricity. One of the most challenging aspects of living in South Florida is that when the power doesn’t work, our homes become feeding grounds for mold and mildew, as the AC is turned off and the heat takes over. For this reason, it’s important to know where you can find temporary power in Fort Lauderdale, just in case your home becomes a target.


Helps With Outages Caused by Hurricanes

One of the most common reasons for temporary power in South Florida is due to storms. Hurricane season is nearly over, but that doesn’t mean there can’t be surprises. Hurricanes come through in force, bringing torrential downpours, plenty of wind, and an abundance of hail on occasion. This intense mixture can leave South Florida homeowners scrambling for materials to help them keep their homes safe. Yet, what many people don’t prepare for is the potential loss of power. It’s been known for the power to remain off for weeks, especially in more rural areas. At Pantropic Power, we offer temporary power units that you can rent, giving you peace of mind when the next hurricane rolls through town. 


Downed Trees 

South Florida is home to many types of plant life and is home to many large trees. Some of these trees are very old and very heavy. When a tree falls down, it can land on power lines that take away electricity from the surrounding homes. Because power lines act like dominos, what affects one line can easily affect many lines miles away. Generally, electric companies will try to keep trees away from powerlines, though it’s not always possible. If you find that a tree has landed on a power line near you, you’ll want temporary power to keep your home and family safe, secure, and running smoothly without sudden interruptions. 



There are some scenarios where a car will run into a powerline. While the damages are far worse for the individual driving, it can cause problems for you and your household. For example, you may notice that suddenly, your home is without power. You can’t find the source! It’s a clear day, and there’s not the slightest breeze to bring down your local trees. What could be the cause? More than likely, there was an accident nearby in the manner of a collision with a powerline. You’ll need to wait until the power is back on, but temporary power can sustain you in the meantime. 


Pests and Animals 

If you think that an accident was a challenge to identify in regard to the source of your power outage, imagine trying to find short circuit issues caused by pests and animals! Every once and a while, a snake, rodent, or small animal can chew through the cables in your home causing an outage. These can take an expert some time to find and repair, leaving you in need of temporary power. 


Contact Pantropic Power Today!

If you’ve been considering finding a local temporary power provider near you, you’re in the right place. At Pantropic Power, we believe that all people should have access to power when they need it the most. Contact the rental team at Pantropic Power today at 305-970-5902 for temporary power in Fort Lauderdale. If you’re interested in becoming a preferred rental customer for additional advantages, just ask!

Customer Service Representative

Seeking an individual to increase parts and service sales to new and existing customers for the Marine market segment. Ideal candidate must be knowledgeable in Caterpillar product. Must also have excellent customer service and communication skills.  Bilingual a plus.

Parts Counter Sales

Seeking an individual to work in a busy parts department. Candidate will be responsible for selling diesel engine parts to domestic and export customers. Must have basic diesel engine knowledge. Excellent communication and customer service skills required. Bilingual a plus.

Top Reasons to Rent Temporary Power in Fort Lauderdale

Temporary Power Fort Lauderdale, FL | Temporary Power Units | Temporary Power

There are a few times of the year where renting temporary power can be incredibly beneficial. Not all temporary power is purchased simply for hurricanes and large storms. Sometimes, temporary power can be used for positive events as well! At Pantropic Power, we know that most individuals don’t have this type of machinery lying around, which is why we offer for people to rent temporary power in Fort Lauderdale, and in nearby surrounding cities. If you’ve been wondering where to find temporary power, you’re in the right place! In this article, we’ll show you how you can use temporary power for numerous reasons. Keep reading to learn more! 


Hurricanes: Rent Temporary Power in Fort Lauderdale 

Now, we know that we mentioned that hurricanes weren’t the only reason to rent temporary power, but they are a big determining factor for Floridians. In fact, hurricanes are where we see the most requests for temporary power. We especially see this for companies who are hoping to keep their doors open directly after the initial storm. If you’re a business, then you know that even a few days off can affect your profits and your ability to pay the people you’ve employed. To keep the business running, you’ll need everything to remain open, accessible, and you’ll want the lights on! 


Large Events 

South Florida is home to large events, whether that includes concerts, festivals, street fairs, or corporate events. Either way, these large events can bring thousands of people from all over the country, and it’s important that vendors have the electricity they need to keep their businesses up and running. At Pantropic Power, our temporary power sources carry enough energy to keep the lights on, smiles on, and customers happy. If you don’t know where to find a trustworthy power company, now you do! Better yet, we’ll help you set up the power so that you feel confident about your event moving forward. 



South Florida is known for being a dream destination for weddings. This is true for those who live in the state, who live in the country, and for those who are traveling overseas to Florida’s sunny shores. However, what many people forget is that having a wedding on the beach lacks power outlets. Not even the longest extension cord could hold together the entirety of the event. Weddings have music, speakers, lights, hot food, and so much more. Thankfully, having a temporary power company by your side can help you to move forward with ease. 


What Are Some Things You Should Know About Using Temporary Power at Events? 

Now that we know what temporary power can be used for, let’s explore how many you’ll need and where you can safely place them. To understand how much power you’ll need, you’ll first need to explore how much power it will take to light up the objects in question. For example, you’ll need a smaller generator for a wedding, as it’s generally a relatively small endeavor. Yet, an outdoor concert will need much more power, meaning that the generator will be much larger. A few questions to ask yourself are: 



  • Can one generator handle it all? 
  • Will you need multiple generators? 
  • If the generators are near the stage, tent, or venue, will the noise be a problem? 
  • Do you need cables to keep the generators at a distance? 



Contact Us Today!

If you don’t know the answer to these questions, you can always call Pantropic Power to ask the experts. They know about all things related to temporary power and generator supply. If you’re looking to rent temporary power in Fort Lauderdale, you’re in the right place. At Pantropic Power, we’re here to help you bring energy to all of the most important events in your life. If you plan on hosting many events, you might enjoy becoming a preferred rental customer, enjoying advantages such as a full contingency plan during natural disasters, servicing, maintenance, and access to training workshops. Get everything you’ll need and more by calling our team today at 305-970-5902. We’re looking forward to serving you!