Warehouse Clerk

Seeking an individual with good interpersonal and organizational skills to maintain the parts warehouse, check, pull, pack and receive parts. Must be certified to drive a forklift. Bilingual a plus.

Technical Communicator

Seeking an individual to provide technical support for company Marine service, parts, sales, and engineering departments, Caterpillar, Inc. and product, service engineers. Ideal candidate must have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent in area of specialty and at least 7 years of experience in the field. Bilingual a plus.

Where to Find Marine Engines in Fort Myers For Your Vessel

Caterpillar Captains Class Miami

The last thing any owner or team aboard a large marine vessel wants to worry about is engine failure while out at sea. This could result in any number of problems or potentially dangerous situations. Fortunately, all could all be avoided with the use of a reliable engine to power the ship. If you’re in search of a wide selection of marine engines in Fort Myers, look no further! At Pantropic Power, we’ve been in the business for quite some time. Founded in Miami in 1986, Pantropic Power is the only authorized Dealer of Caterpillar Power Systems in South Florida and is home to a variety of marine propulsion packages.   


End Your Search for Marine Engines in Fort Myers Today   


When considering a new marine engine for your boat, it is of the utmost importance to purchase from a knowledgeable and reliable source. With a team of over 50 trained and certified technicians and in-house engineering and design team, Pantropic Power can more than provide the experience necessary to properly power your marine vessel, especially as we specialize in Mega-Yacht Services. Pantropic Power is also DNV-GL Gold Certified Maritime Dealer, which is only awarded after a very strict auditing process.   


Depending on your boat or larger industrial vessel, Pantropic Powers offers diesel, propane and natural gas CAT engines. You can select from a range of commercial propulsion engines, high-performance engines and auxiliary engines for your boat. With a variety of power, speed and emission ranges, there is an engine ready to give power to any type of boat.   


In addition to providing new engines, the technicians at Pantropic Power hold the necessary skills and diagnostic tools to properly service your vessel’s engine. They will even provide a free diagnostic inspection of your engine should any issues arise. Also, their team can offer solutions to marine needs, such as extended service coverage, preventative maintenance, bundled solutions, and repowers.   


If you are experiencing issues with the engine currently powering your boat, your search can end here. With a large selection of marine engines in Fort Myers, Pantropic Power can provide the support you need when choosing the best power source for your specific vessel. Being South Florida’s most reputable source of Caterpillar engines, your yacht or ship is sure to run smoothly from port to port. Contact Pantropic Power today at 239-337-4222 to find the perfect engine for your boat. At Pantropic Power, we look forward to keeping you safely on the sea. 

Keep the Power on With Generator Service on Fort Myers 

Generator Services Ft myers

Whether you need a new generator, or your current one requires some attention, a generator service in Ft. Myers is available to you. Being South Florida’s exclusive retailer of Caterpillar Power Systems, Pantropic Power is the team to call. Beginning in 1986 in Miami, Pantropic Power employs over 50 trained and certified technicians, as well as an in-house engineering and design team specializing in CAT Power Systems. In addition to a wide selection of generators, they provide 24/7 parts availability and product support.   


What Makes Pantropic Power Your Ideal Generator Service in Fort Myers?   


One aspect that makes Pantropic Power an excellent ally, is that we offer the best of both worlds. Whether you’re seeking a generator for commercial or industrial services, we offer both diesel and gas generator sets. Diesel-fueled generator sets are built for high efficiency, low fuel consumption, and global emissions compliance. Gas generators sets are proven for reliable operation and able to be utilized with a range of fuels including natural gas, biogas, coal gas, propane, and alternative fuels.    


Once our generators are installed, you automatically have access to quick and efficient services, should any issues arise with your power generator. Pantropic Power utilizes the Cat Electronic Technician when problems occur. Cat ET is software that technicians and chief engineers use when diagnosing existing and potential problems. Easy to use, Cat ET can reduce engine downtime, control costs, and schedule repairs more efficiently. This technology can monitor fuel consumption, show engine over-speeds, high temperatures, perform diagnostic tests and calibrate components to maximize operating efficiency. Pantropic Power offers free, on-site engine health inspections if you are experiencing issues with your generator, including inspection by a certified technician, ECM download, oil, and coolant analysis and consultation.   



It’s not uncommon to experience disturbances in power due to any variety of factors, whether internal or external. When issues like this arise, it can be expensive to your business, and ultimately inconvenient. Pantropic Power’s rental fleet is the largest in South Florida and available to power major events on-site, or to have on standby to override any power interruptions that may surface.   


It is no secret that commercial and industrial generators are expensive, and necessary to supply ample power. To make sure yours stays up and running, generator service in Ft. Myers is available to you at Pantropic Power. Call anytime for support at 239-337-4222. At Pantropic Power, we look forward to serving you, and keeping the lights on! 

Power Generation Specialist

We are urgently seeking talented and passionate Power Generation Specialists to consider career paths working with The Authorized Caterpillar Dealer in South Florida. The ideal candidate must be able to diagnose, service and repair power generation engines, generators and switch gears. Candidate must be able to act responsibly and independently and be willing to travel overseas extensively. Perks: Competitive compensation up to $54.00 per hour when traveling, Paid Time Off, Benefits: Medical, Dental, and Vision Insurance, Health Reimbursement Account and Flexible Spending Account Options. Employee Assistance Program Disability, Life, and AD&D Insurance Company Match 401(k), Profit Sharing and Job Efficiency Bonus.

Integrated Power Systems with Pantropic Power

large yellow generators in a warehouse setting

Disastrous weather can not only inconvenience your commute to work, but your business’ electricity. When your business’ electricity goes out, you lose productivity, data, and profits. You need a turn-key solution to override any power interruptions. Pantropic Power has the turn-key solutions that your business needs to operate even in the event of a power outage. 

Living in South Florida, storms are more of a normal occurrence. But what happens when a storm cuts off your electricity? By having a generator on standby, your business can continue to run smoothly no matter how long the storm inconveniences you. Power outages threaten everything in your business that requires electricity: computers, appliances, and lighting. Surges of energy from power fluctuations can damage the technology inside all of these devices and cause major harm to their lifespan. Luckily, by choosing a generator, your business’ tools stay on and no surge of energy enters their hardware. When disaster strikes, your small business cannot afford to lose time or money, which is why Pantropic Power features diesel-fueled generators to help out businesses reliant on electricity.  

Pantropic Power is South Florida’s Authorized Caterpillar™ Power System Solutions Provider and is ready to power your business this holiday season. With the heavy flow of customers, your business needs to remain open no matter what the outside weather is like. By having a generator on standby, your business can continue to run smoothly no matter how long the storm inconveniences you. For all your generator needs, Pantropic Power is your one call, one source, and one solution for power outages. Pantropic Power has a full inventory of diesel, gas, and rental generators specifically designed for commercial use to help your business in any electrical emergency. Call or come into our Miami location to talk to one of our technicians about which type of generator would best suit your business today! 

Since 1965, Pantropic Power has been offering knowledge and experience on integrated power systems to help businesses and regular people alike manage their electrical energy system. Pantropic Power has an expert team of technicians that can design, construct, manage, and maintain any major facility’s electrical system. Our technicians also have the latest diagnostic tools available to service any industrial, marine, truck, or RV engine. Get in contact with Pantropic Power to repair your electrical system or engine today! 

Whether you’re interested in diesel, gas, and rental generators for your place of business, Pantropic Power is your one stop for your power needs. Pantropic Power is the only authorized Caterpillar™ Power Systems Dealer for South Florida! Pantropic Power has been serving the South Florida community for decades and we’re ready to serve you today! Contact us today by calling (305) 592-4944 or visit our website at http://www.pantropic.com/power/.  

Pantropic Power for All Your Power Supplies

large yellow generator


With the holidays right around the corner, your business can’t afford any mishaps during this time of year. What happens if your business suffers a long-term power outage? Is your business prepared for the worst-case scenario? Pantropic Power is South Florida’s Authorized Caterpillar™ Power System Solutions Provider and is ready to power your business this holiday season. Pantropic Power has a full inventory of diesel, gas, and rental generators specifically designed for commercial use to help your business in any electrical emergency.  

One of the top reasons more and more businesses are choosing Pantropic Power as their generator retailer is to minimize business downtime. If your business relies on refrigerators, lights, and other electrical appliances, a generator can save your business time and money by having a generator when disaster strikes. Living in South Florida, storms are more of a normal occurrence. But what happens when a storm cuts off your electricity? By having a generator on standby, your business can continue to run smoothly no matter how long the storm inconveniences you. For all your generator needs, Pantropic Power is your one call, one source, and one solution for power outages.  

Industrial Engines 

Pantropic Power is not only home to Caterpillar™ generators, but also home to Caterpillar™ Industrial and Marine engines. For your industrial needs, Pantropic Power offers diesel, natural gas, and propane Caterpillar™ engines. Pantropic Power is South Florida’s only Authorized Caterpillar™ Power System Dealer that features an in-house engineering department and system design team! Our engineering department and system design team can customize pump packages for flood control, oil storage facilities, or municipal water and sewage applications.  

Marine Engines 

For your marine needs, Pantropic Power has the engines and generators to power your vessel. Boats and yachts are a strong part of Miami culture and you need the strength of Caterpillar™ engines to power your vessel in South Florida’s waters. With a Caterpillar™ engine from Pantropic Power, you’ll have the safety and security that your boat or yacht has the best marine engine on the market. Also, Pantropic Power will be able to conduct routine engine checks for your Caterpillar™ engine to ensure your boat or yacht stays in pristine condition for years and years to come. 

Whether you’re interested in an industrial or marine engine, or in the market for a generator for your place of business, Pantropic Power is your one stop for your power needs. Pantropic Power is the only authorized Caterpillar™ Power Systems Dealer for South Florida. Pantropic Power has been serving the South Florida community since 1986 and we’re ready to serve you today! Contact us today by calling (305) 592-4944 or visit our website at http://www.pantropic.com/power/.  

When to Use Temporary Power Services in Miami

There are many events in our lives that will need the use of temporary power services in Miami. Yet, many people don’t consider this option when putting together special occasions. Having temporary power generators can make a world of difference. It can aid in keeping drinks cool or hot, as well as your guests. Temporary power can run AC units, HVAC units, power, lighting, and so much more. In this article, the professionals at Pantropic Power can give you a few ideas as to when to use temporary power services and how they can drastically transform your holiday experiences.  

Use Temporary Power Services in Miami During Weddings  

Perhaps one of the most crucial times for temporary power is during weddings. In South Florida, many individuals have their weddings outdoors. While it seems romantic to have the event on the beach, it’s also no secret that it gets quite warm near the waves. Fortunately, temporary power allows guests and wedding attendees to feel comfortable, despite the never-ending heat. Additionally, temporary power can be used to power lights, music, and videos.  


Miami and the surrounding South Florida area are the most well-known places in America for hosting out-of-this-world music festivals, food festivals, special event festivals, and so much more. However, when hosting an event that caters to thousands of people, it’s crucial to how a temporary power option that can provide energy to many vendors, stages, and signs. At Pantropic Power, we pride ourselves in offering temporary power that has the longevity and sustainability to keep any festival running day and night.  

Holiday Parties  

Last, but certainly not least, are holiday parties. These are the months where guests from around the world start migrating to Florida for Art Basel, Christmas, and Thanksgiving. There are parties, extravaganzas, and special events that need power to sustain a guest list of hundreds. This means that power will need to be used for drink stations, bars, lighting, special walkways, and more! Whatever a holiday party entails, you can rest at ease knowing that temporary power can save the day.  

If you’re looking for temporary power in Miami, don’t hesitate to reach out to Pantropic Power today at 786-209-0820 or send us an email at info@pantropic.com. We’re here to answer any questions you might have, keeping you in the loop of any deals or fine print matters. If you’re purchasing or renting temporary power from our team, we can even help you set it up! Focus on hosting the event of the season while we work to ensure that you keep your lights on, all day and evening long. We look forward to working with you! 

Five Tips When Using Temporary Electric Power in Fort Lauderdale

Generator Services Ft myers

Are you interested in using temporary electric power in Fort Lauderdale but you’re not entirely sure what to expect? You’re not alone. In fact, many individuals aren’t sure what to do when they need temporary power! At Pantropic Power, generators of all sizes are something we’re very familiar with, and we’re happy to lend a helpful piece of advice or two. In this article, we’ve put together a great list of five tips to think about when you’re in need of temporary electricity. Keep reading to learn more!  

Choosing the Right Size for Temporary Electric Power in Fort Lauderdale  

The first decision you’ll need to make is what electric power size is right for you. They are not all created equal, which is why it’s crucial to understand what you’re trying to power and how much power is available. Selecting the best generator for what you need can save you issues down the road. Avoid power failures and overload problems by consulting with a power professional.  

Choosing Availability  

Not all generator rental locations will have what you’re looking for, which is why it’s important to choose an office that has plenty of variety and availability. At Pantropic Power, generators are something we understand, which is why we’re a top stop option for all of South Florida. Additionally, you’ll want to know that when you’re in need and you must secure something last second, you have a team to work with.  

Choosing Accessible Transport  

Some generators are larger than an average truck or SUV. Depending on what you need, you’ll want to be sure that the company you’re working with can transport the machinery. At Pantropic Power, simply tell us were you’d like us to drop off the generator and we’ll help you set it up!  

Configure Cost  

Generators, unfortunately, need diesel to run. Some individuals forget to factor this cost in when choosing power supply options. If you’re planning to run the power for long hours, you’ll need a refueling plan. This means having extra fuel on hand, so that you can fill it up when you need to. Avoid power outages because of the lack of fuel and stay prepared!  

Avoid Maintenance  

Last, but not least, by following these steps, you’ll avoid any maintenance needs. Whether you’re looking for a long-term rental or a short-term option, you’ll be happy to know that simply being mindful to your machinery can keep your costs lower and your happiness levels higher.  

If you’re looking for temporary electric power in Fort Lauderdale, contact Pantropic Power today. We’re a company that looks forward to helping out residents of South Florida and beyond. With decades in the business, it’s easy to see why we’re a top choice. If you’d like to read our reviews, head on over to our website at www.pantopic.com! We’re here when you need us. 

Staying Safe on the Water: Five Boat Maintenance Services You Need Before Your Next Voyage

Florida is all about having fun on the water! With summer break quickly coming to an end, people across the state are looking for one more trip out into open waters. Whether you’re going out for a fishing trip with the guys or hosting friends on your yacht, staying safe and being prepared is vital to preventing tragedy on the water. Unlike on land, if your vessel runs into an issue while at sea, getting help can be incredibly difficult.  

Before you embark on your next trip into open waters, make sure your vessel is up to Coast Guard code with these five maintenance services. 

Oil Change 

Boats, yachts, and ships have more in common with the average car than you may think. Just as you need to regularly check and change your oil in your car, it’s important to do the same for your boat. Their engines work on the same basic principle, so keeping oil levels at an adequate point and pumping through your engine properly can be the difference between a fun day on the waves and getting stranded. While you may be able to do your own oil change for your car, leave your boat’s oil change to the professionals at Pantropic. 

Engine Tune-Up 

On a similar note, keeping your engine well maintained is vital, especially for larger ships and yachts. The strain and stress of propelling your vessel across the water will eventually cause wear and tear on your engine’s parts. Additionally, you run the risk of developing salt water damage if your vessel is not thoroughly cleaned after use.  

Pantropic Power offers marine engine service in Miami. We can run a full diagnostic to find any existing problems and our basic maintenance services help to prevent future issues. 

Electrical Equipment Check Up 

Your boat relies on quite a bit of electrical equipment, and even one malfunctioning piece can be an issue if discovered at sea. From GPS systems to improper grounding, it’s important to ensure all electrical equipment both works and is safe for use. Exposed wires can very quickly lead to accidental fire or electrocution on the water. 

Bottom Treating 

Over time, the ocean’s water can cause paints to flake away or dissolve, exposing the metal beneath to rush and risks of corrosion. Because the bottom of your boat is fully submerged, seeing the signs of these issues while on the water is impossible. However, you don’t want to risk springing a leak because of an unforeseen weak spot.  

Getting your bottom treated includes thorough cleaning, resealing and a protective coat of paint that contains zinc, which protects the bottom of your vessel from damage. Don’t wait until you see signs of rust or corrosion! By that point, it’s already too late; you’re in need of repairs rather than much cheaper preventive services. 

Emergency System Check 

While we help you never need to use it, being sure your emergency system is fully functional is perhaps the most vital part of marine servicing in Miami. You don’t want to find yourself unable to contact anyone for help when you’re in serious need. Be sure your vessel is fully stocked with enough life vests for everyone, as well as keeping a fully stocked first aid kit in a secured area. Manual emergency flares are also a great idea, just in case your electrical system fails. 

Looking for marine service in Miami? Contact Pantropic Power today for more information about how we can help!