Cat Rentals in Miami

Cat Rentals in Miami

Where Can I Find The Best CAT Rentals and Parts in Miami?

There are many reasons consumers choose Caterpillar when they are in need of a generator. Caterpillar is reliable, hardworking and efficient. Pantropic Power, Inc., understands nothing compares to the reliability of a Caterpillar diesel generator. If you are looking for Caterpillar parts and generators for purchase or rental then Pantropic Power, Inc. is the only number you need to dial.

When you need a generator the most important feature is reliability. Pantropic always chooses CAT powered generators because no other engine works as hard and lasts as long. Whether you are using a generator for backup or primary power you can rest assured your power will stay on.

Pantropic Power is the only authorized Caterpillar Power Systems Dealer in Miami. That alone doesn’t make us the best place for your CAT needs, our unparalleled service does.  We specialize in Electrical Power Generation Systems, Marine Propulsion Systems, and much more! Our friendly and knowledgeable staff of certified engineers can provide customizable CAT packages tailored to your specific needs. We also have a vast catalogue of CAT replacement parts to ensure your generator stays in tip top shape. Unlike many of our competitors, Pantropic Power offers:

  • ● 24/7 emergency part availability
  • ● Online inventory
  • ● 4 pick-up locations
  • ● Direct delivery
  • ● Trackable shipping
  • ● Trained and experienced staff
  • ● Reliable customer service

We provide CAT rental services as well as great financing options. Our CAT Access Account makes the entire buying and rental process as simple as possible. Paying for parts, rentals and services has never been more convenient. At Pantropic Power, we understand your business depends on electricity to stay productive, that is why we go above and beyond to serve all your power needs. Don’t let your business suffer from unforeseen circumstances, choose Pantropic for all your CAT powered needs. For more information, call us at (954) 797-7972.

Diesel Generator Rentals in Fort Lauderdale

CAT Power South Florida

Stay Powered During the Holidays With Diesel Generator Rentals In Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale is a gorgeous place to live. With plenty of sandy beaches and tourist hot spots, there is always something to do in this beautiful city. Fort Lauderdale is also often caught in the middle of tropical storms and hurricanes that can cause massive power outages. Just last year many residents were without power from Hurricane Irma for several days. While hurricane season is coming to an end, heavy tropical storms are not uncommon in December. Pantropic Power Inc. is Fort Lauderdale’s authorized Caterpillar dealer specializing in CAT Power Systems. They can help assure the lights stay on during your Christmas holidays. We all know a Christmas without power is a sad Christmas.

Many people don’t realize the benefit of diesel-powered engines over regular unleaded gasoline. Diesel generators provide greater power and efficiency. It’s easy to take electricity for granted as we are constantly using it for everything we do. However, when the power does go out it can become easy to panic. Renting a diesel generator from Pantropic gives you peace of mind. You can rest assured your Christmas gathering stays lit up, even if the rest of the town doesn’t. Pantropic’s diesel generators combine a diesel engine with an electric generator to create electricity to power your home for several days.

Whether you need a portable diesel generator for your home or require a larger unit for your business, you depend on power for your daily activities and to be productive. It’s no secret that power outages happen in Fort Lauderdale. The best thing you can do is be prepared. Pantropic chooses Caterpillar generators because they work hard, and they work efficiently. To learn more about how the Pantropic team can better serve you, call us today at (954) 797-7972 for more information

Business Analyst

Seeking an individual to provide technical support for an assigned process or product line. The ideal candidate will be responsible for:


  • Developing programs and/or methods to optimize productivity and reduce cycle time, manufacturing losses, and overall costs.
  • Assuring processes and/or products adhere to the company quality program and plans by performing audits and recommending corrective actions.
  • Monitoring and measuring manufacturing losses and develops new techniques to reduce loses and improve quality.


Parts Counter Sales

Seeking an individual that will be responsible for looking up and selling parts on the counter to new and existing customers. Candidate will also be taking incoming calls from TEPS/AMD dealers as well as regular customers. Must have excellent customer service and communication skills.  Bilingual a plus

Rental Customer Service Representative

Seeking an individual to increase Rental equipment sales and services to new and existing customers in assigned territory. Ideal candidate must have excellent customer service and organizational skills. Bilingual a plus.

Marine Engine Service Miami

Mega Yacht Service Fort Lauderdale

Why Schedule a Regular Marine Engine Service in Miami

Boats are a part of the South Florida lifestyle. With sun all year round, it’s no wonder boats are so common and freeing! However, part of using a boat on a regular bases is making sure that it is adequately cared for. A marine engine service in Miami is essential to keep the vessel running, but there are other benefits of taking the time to schedule regular maintenance checks.  

Expand the Vessels Lifespan with a Marine Engine Service in Miami  

A routine maintenance check ensures that your boat or yacht stays in pristine condition for years to come. Ships aren’t small investments. In fact, your boat may be one of the most significant investments you ever make. Therefore, it’s critical that you give it the attention it deserves. Having your boat run into a significant issue due to negligence could be devastating. 

Stay Safe with a Marine Engine Check  

If you’re someone who drives out into the open sea, you’ll undoubtedly want to avoid all potential threats. You can manage to stay away from oncoming storms and ensure that you’ve checked your fuel levels before your excursion. However, if you haven’t completed a recent maintenance check for your engine, you could run into a scary situation. Tropical weather changes quickly and being stranded would leave little room to maneuver. Taking safety procedures seriously is critical for boat owners. 

Increase Resale Value of the Vessel 

Boats are wonderful, but at some point, you may choose to sell your precious possession. One thing many boat buyers will check is the engine and its condition. This is especially true for larger boats or yachts. By keeping up on routine service calls, you can confidently let potential buyers know that your vessel is up-to-date, well cared for, and comes with a maintained marine engine. 

If you’ve been putting off a routine marine engine service in Miami, call Pantropic Power today. We specialize in CAT Marine Propulsion and CAT Certified Repair and Maintenance Services. In business since 1986, it’s safe to say that we have a lot of experience dealing with marine vessels. If you’re ready to schedule a marine engine service, call Pantropic Power today at (954) 248-2712.

Why Use Temporary Electric Power in Fort Lauderdale

Are you hosting an event? Are you setting your company up for storm season success? Do you plan on hitting the outdoors on a camping excursion? Whatever you’re planning this summer or autumn, you might be thinking about temporary electric power in Fort Lauderdale. There are many wonderful examples as to how temporary power can significantly improve your event, trip, or business. In this blog, let’s take a look at what those improvements are.  

Events with Temporary Electric Power in Fort Lauderdale  

Most events in South Florida are outdoors, especially as the ocean breeze begins to pick up and the summer heat begins to subside. Some individuals use tents to organize get-togethers, reunions, work events, or even weddings! Though the ocean air is an excellent addition, it doesn’t make it any less hot outside. Fortunately, temporary power can give your guests a more enjoyable and comfortable experience by using the power for AC units and fans. Temporary power can also give lighting power to string lights, lamplights, and so much more.  

Be a Smart Business Using Temporary Power  

Most small businesses assume that when a storm hits, their clients will understand their delayed responses or lack of opening hours. However, this is not the case. Enterprises are expected not to be affected by strong storms, and with temporary power, your business won’t have to! You can keep your lights on despite the high winds and rains. Keep your customers happy, cash flow moving, and your company name reputable no matter what.  

Camp with the Family in Style!  

One of the most popular family vacations is to go camping. However, as technology has taken a vital role in the way we interact with the world, camping has become more of a challenge. Cell phones need to be charged, AC is beneficial, and light helps campers to avoid any spills or missteps. 

At Pantropic Power, we’re proud to help you with all of your temporary electric power in Fort Lauderdale. Our first store was based out of Miami, and since then, we’ve grown to help thousands of Floridian residents keep their lights on. When you’re in need of power, Pantropic Power has you covered. Don’t get stuck in the dark by calling our rental experts at 786-402-5097 today!  

Temporary Camp Power West Palm Beach

Power System Fort Myers

The weather is changing in South Florida, and it’s for the better. More and more individuals head off on family adventures, including outdoor activities! However, that also means that more and more individuals will need temporary camp power in West Palm Beach. If you’re considering external power sources for you’re next camping trip, here are a few reasons to say yes!  

Don’t Get Left in the Dark: Temporary Camp Power in West Palm Beach  

It all comes down to efficiency. Camping is a beautiful experience. You sit under the stars and take in your quiet surroundings. Away from the hustle and bustle, you can’t think of anything you’d enjoy more. However, reality sets in and you realize that it may take you a while to make your coffee, cook your meal, or even charge your cell phone. That’s where temporary camp power comes in! 

Camping with a generator ensures that you don’t get left in the dark. It also provides you with a few extra bonuses, such as a movie night or an electric bug zapper. However, it also provides ease, enjoyment, and more time to experience. Temporary camp generators can power your coffee pot, campsite decorations, light your tent or camper, control your AC unit, blend juices or fresh fruits, and charge your electronics.  

With temporary camp power in West Palm Beach, you’ll never have to worry about being stranded, warm, or hungry. Instead, you can genuinely enjoy your time with family and friends. Take longer hikes and swims without having to set aside time. At Pantropic Power, we know that you don’t camp all year round, but when you do, we have the rentals you’ll need. We’re a certified CAT dealer, and our rental fleet is one of the most modern in Florida! We’ll tell you all you need to know and we even provide training workshops. If you need temporary camp power, call Pantropic Power today at 786-402-5097.   


Training Instructor

Pantropic Power has an immediate need for an experienced Technical Training Instructor for our Power Generation, Marine and Industrial Products. The person in this position will provide a comprehensive technical employee learning and development program that enhances knowledge, skills, and performance of technical employees and the Pantropic Power organization. Candidate will also be responsible for analyzing, researching, developing and designing, organizing and implementing and conducting training programs. Bilingual a plus.

Top Reasons for Mega Yacht Service Maintenance in Fort Lauderdale

Many boat owners put off having a mega yacht service maintenance in Fort Lauderdale. It can seem taxing, as one wants to enjoy the sun and cruise! However, a yacht takes care of its owner, so long as it is taken care of too. Service maintenance is great for large vessels, especially as they work hard to get their captain and crew to wherever they need to go. It’s common for larger boats to travel greater distances, and in turn, their engines must be delicately cared for, undergo inspections regularly, and run smoothly.

Who can Help with a Mega Yacht Service Maintenance in Fort Lauderdale?

The big question most boat owners have is who can help them with their engine services. Pantropic Power Systems specializes in advanced mega-yacht services. In fact, their company is a DNV-GL Gold Certified Maritime Dealer, which is a prestigious award to obtain. They provide their customers with engine parts and services, and their technicians are specially trained marine technicians.

A favorite engine on large boats is the Caterpillar C32 Engine, which is a marine diesel motor. Because marine engines are used more frequently in South Florida than almost anywhere else, it’s common that they need repairs more regularly. Pantropic Power provides some of the top overhauls in Florida, which means that they can make a boat’s engine like new. When an engine becomes faulty, it’s much cheaper to perform an overhaul than purchasing a new engine.

If your boat is in need of mega yacht service maintenance in Fort Lauderdale, allow the marine experts at Pantropic Power to be your first call. Their decades of experience make them highly qualified, and they’re also the only Certified Caterpillar Power Systems Dealers in all of South Florida. They understand that your yacht is important to you, and they also understand how important it is that your investment is treated with care. For all of your yacht and marine needs, call the engine professionals at 954-797-7972 today.