Parts Office Cler

Seeking an individual that will be responsible for taking care of customers that come in and order or to pick up an order.  Will also assist in the administrative functions of both the parts and service departments. Ideal candidate must have at least 2 years of experience. Must also have excellent organizational and customer service skills. Bilingual a plus.

South Florida’s Only Marine Caterpillar® Power Systems Dealer.

Marine Power Systems South Florida | Marine Caterpillar® Power Systems

You’re in the right spot if you’re looking for marine power systems by Pantropic Power, South Florida’s only authorized Caterpillar® Power Systems dealer. We are a DNV-GL Gold Certified Maritime Dealer with a stringent demand for exceptional service to our customers. 


Our specialty is advanced mega-yacht services, from bow to stern with the best parts uptime and service life. However, we supply engines and offer overhaul, parts, and complete service for any size vessel.


With locations in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, and Fort Myers, we cover all of South Florida! We have been specializing in marine power systems for almost 70 years. Pantropic Power doesn’t just sell marine power solutions and engines, we also provide world-class support and service. We have the technology, tools, and expertise to keep your boat running smoothly. Contact us today to get back on the water with the best equipment available hands down! 


Here we will guide you through all the marine power systems we offer. We will also show you some of the most popular solutions you can have installed and maintained on your boat.

Marine Power Systems

We understand that your bottom line is critical to keeping you and your business afloat. Engine uptime is essential and our solutions will keep you off the dock and making money. These engines are designed to work as hard as you and your crew. Here we will show you a wide range of commercial and high-performance power systems that we sell, install, and service.

Commercial Propulsion Engines

These engines provide Long-term durability, high fuel efficiency, simplified service, and long-life-to-overhaul, Our Cat® marine engines provide maximum productivity. Some of these are:


  • C7.1 TIER 3 / IMO II – This engine was designed with the cruise industry in mind. It was configured as an in-line 6, 4-stroke-cycle diesel with a rated engine speed of 2300-2700 rpm. It offers a superior response time and acceleration, fitted with a 12V or 24V electrical system. Gear-driven jacket water pump and seawater pump provide superior reliability. This engine has a maintenance-free valve train with hydraulic valve lash adjusters


  • C12 – This diesel marine propulsion engine was designed for the fishing industry, with ratings of 340-490 bhp (254-366 bkW) at 1800-2300 rpm. The C12 takes full advantage of the electronically controlled unit injection fuel system. This results in an environmentally friendly engine with outstanding performance and fuel economy.

Auxiliary Engines

Cat® marine auxiliary engines are the solution for unique generator set applications requiring a custom approach. Additionally, they are perfectly engineered for electrically driven pumps, winches, conveyors, and thrusters. Some of these are:


  • C4.4 – This auxiliary engine is perfect for inland waterway usage. It is an inline 4, 4-stroke diesel with a rated engine speed of 1500-1800 rpm. Its proven core engine design provides millions of operating hours. It is a simplistic and reliable engine that provides clean, smooth, and quiet operation.


  • C9.3 – This engine is perfect for any pleasure craft! They have a common rail fuel system for optimal combustion and lower emissions. Cooling system options include heat exchanger with sea water aftercooling and keel with combined circuit or separate circuit aftercooling. This engine is EPA Tier 3 and IMO II certified.

Marine Generators

Cat®  marine generator sets are built to provide dependable, efficient service under extreme conditions. Our marine diesel generators combine proven designs and manufacturing methods with the latest technology, such as advanced control, to deliver more power and greater efficiency, while offering enhanced monitoring. Some of these are:


  • C1.5 – This pleasure craft marine generator set has single-phase ratings of 50 Hertz at 10.0 ekW and 60 Hertz at 12.0 ekW that meet U.S. EPA Tier 3 and EU IW emission standards. The Cat® C1.5 also has three phase ratings of 50 Hertz at 11.0 ekW and 60 Hertz at 13.0 ekW that meet U.S. EPA Tier 3 and EU IW emissions standards. This generator set is available in 12 or 24 volts as an open gen set or as an enclosed package.


  • C4.4 – This is the perfect offshore marine generator. Single-side servicing improves ease of maintenance and lowers overall owner operating costs. The compact package size is ideal for a wide range of commercial and pleasure craft applications. These ratings also have Marine Classification Society-approved packages available.

Call Pantropic Power at (800) 237-2945 for more information!

Parts Office Clerk

Seeking an individual that will be responsible for taking care of customers that come in and order or to pick up an order.  Will also assist in the administrative functions of both the parts and service departments. Ideal candidate must have at least 2 years of experience. Must also have excellent organizational and customer service skills. Bilingual a plus.

Parts Counter Sales

Seeking an individual to work in a busy parts department. Candidate will be responsible for selling diesel engine parts to domestic and export customers. Must have basic diesel engine knowledge. Excellent communication and customer service skills required. Bilingual a plus.

Junior Accountant

Seeking an individual that will be responsible for performing accounting, financial and administrative tasks as requested.  Ideal Candidate must have excellent organizational and analytical skills.  Bilingual a plus.

Should You Buy or Rent a Commercial Generator for Your Business?

Generator Service South Florida

You never know when your business needs the backup of a power generator. What you do know is, when power disturbances occur, it will be costly to your business. After a power outage, you end up paying in lost productivity, products, and profits. To maintain consistent electrical power for your business, choose from our fleet of CAT generator rentals in Miami

If you’re uncertain whether to buy or rent a generator for your business, we’re sharing a few advantages of a generator rental. No matter what your business needs, Pantropic Power can customize a turn-key solution to override any power interruptions.

Rentals are Cost-Effective 

Renting a generator provides a quick solution to a calamitous problem. But how frequently do calamitous problems occur? 

Complete power outages are a headache, but they are also a rarity. Choosing from our fleet of CAT generator rentals in Miami may be a more reasonable solution than purchasing a generator. Not only is buying the generator a big investment, but you must also factor in costs for maintenance and repairs. When you rent from Pantropic Power, rest assured that all generators are well maintained. Additionally, with a rental, you don’t have to pay for insurance or a warranty.

If you are in a location where the power grid does not supply continuous power, and outages are frequent, then you should consider purchasing your own generator. But for those who experience outages a few times a year, rentals are the cost-effective solution.

Multiple Business Locations 

If you have multiple business locations across the state of Florida, will you consider supplying all of them with their own generator? 

Hardly likely. 

Unless one of these locations is in a remote area, you benefit more by having a rental company on standby. That way, you can rent a commercial generator for whichever location requires it.

Furthermore, it’s unlikely that each business has the same demands. Depending on the size and location of your business, each store may require a different type of generator. With generator rentals in Miami, you can ensure you get the generator that correctly matches the needs of each of your businesses.

Try Today, Buy Tomorrow 

If your business will benefit from a full-time commercial generator, a rental will help you figure out which type of generator and service is required for your job site. If you have a particular generator in mind, but still have many questions prior to purchase, you can get the answers by renting it from a rental service for a short period of time.


With our generator rentals in Miami, you will receive assistance from our service technicians to correctly install the generator and make sure the power is compliant with local laws. Every Pantropic Power System is built to your specifications, with fuel tank and enclosure options that meet and exceed FBC regulations. Your rented generator will deliver the power you need while meeting the emissions standards and noise regulations within your area.

Help During a Disaster 

Hurricane season in South Florida is always unpredictable. Renting a generator can keep your business afloat when disaster strikes, and you don’t have a standby generator. Before a natural disaster, many areas do what is called a “planned power outage.” This is where the utility company shuts down services when a natural disaster threatens the area.

Businesses are severely impacted by planned power outages if they don’t have a backup power source. Generator rentals in Miami are typically provided by door-to-door rental services, but it’s best to have your own on hand.

Contact Pantropic Power

For generator service in Miami, contact Pantropic Power today. Our CAT rental fleet is the most modern and largest in South Florida. Call our 24-hour HOT line toll-free at 1-800-237-2945 or 786-402-5097 and speak to one of our CATERPILLAR Rental Power experts. You can also stop by one of our locations. 

Rental CSR

Seeking an individual to increase Rental equipment sales and services to new and existing customers in the east and west coast of the South Florida peninsula. Ideal candidate must have excellent customer service, sales and closing skills.  Must be a motivated self-starter with great organizational skills to manage their assigned territory. Bilingual a plus.

Warehouse Clerk

Seeking an individual with good interpersonal and organizational skills to maintain the parts warehouse, check, pull, pack and receive parts. Must be certified to drive a forklift. Bilingual a plus.

Collections Analyst (Internal Applicants Only)

Seeking an individual to provide support to the Credit department operations. Candidate will be responsible for assisting in the collection effort by contacting delinquent accounts as assigned. Will also act as a liaison between customers and internal department personnel to resolve billing discrepancies and disputes.  Must have a 2 year college degree and/or comparable experience. Bilingual in English and Spanish is a plus.

A Guide to Rental Air Compressors in Miami

Rental Air Compressors

Anyone who is renting air compresses finds it challenging. Most people assume they are all the same and can pick one out. They do not look at other factors impacting their choices. The result is they select the wrong air compressor. They feel frustrated and do not know where to turn. Avoiding these challenges requires using proven techniques. It makes the process easier. Those who follow them have fewer frustrations and save time/money. 

Selecting the Right Rental Air Compressors in Miami

Locating the proper rental air compressors in Miami requires looking at different factors. Before visiting any location or website, it is critical to know them and key factors for the right selection. There are several areas to focus on including function, size, mobility, and tools. 


Knowing the job narrows down the type of compressor. Most people assume they need something powerful. They fail to realize that air compressors use kinetic energy. It is transferring power from the force of another source of energy to the tool. An air compressor uses its cylinders and pistons to bring in air. It condenses and sends it out using the discharge value. The tank fills and the air pressure grows. The air pressure then powers the tool. Air compressors provide more power than using electrical tools. Understanding the job and tools determines the type of air compressor for it. 


Air tanks come in different sizes, and they range in size from one to 80 gallons. There are certain sizes of tanks required for specific tools to work. It is imperative to know how much compression is necessary. 

When the tank empties, the motor comes on and starts producing more air. The smaller the tank, the harder the motor works. Once the tank fills, the motor shuts off and cools down. A larger tank ensures the motor is not overworked. The basic idea is to select a compressor to hold more air than is necessary. 


The mobility determines the type to include pancake, hot dog, twin stack, wheelbarrow, electric, and gas. The pancake is round. It has a flat storage tank at the bottom. It does not use a lot of space. The hot dog is a long cylinder-like compressor with a parallel tank. The twin stack has two-cylinder looking tanks. The wheelbarrow has a wheel and two cylinder tanks. The wheel comes with handles to move it around. Electrical tanks are quieter. It works better indoors. Gas is ideal for outside work. It emits fumes. The constant flowing air provides a way of dispersing the fumes. 


The tools state the amount of air for it to work correctly. It is listed in standard cubic feet per minute (SCFM). The SCFM is the volume of air delivered to the tool per minute. Small tools need an SCFM ranging from 0 to 5. Larger tools require a 10 SCFM and up. Only one tool at a time connects to the air compressor. The best way to find the right compressor is to multiply the SCFM by .50 or 50%. Then, add it to the amount. It tells you the kind of air compressor required. The information is on the tool. 

Pantropic Power Can Help!

Finding the right rental air compressors in Miami requires knowing the type of equipment, job, and tools. It means looking at several factors to include the function, size, mobility, and tools. Those who use them can save time and money. Contact Pantropic Power today to see how we can help you!