Collections Analyst

Seeking an individual to provide support to the Credit department operations. Candidate will be responsible for assisting in the collection effort by contacting delinquent accounts as assigned. Will also act as a liaison between customers and internal department personnel to resolve billing discrepancies and disputes. Must have a 2 year college degree and/or comparable experience. Bilingual in English and Spanish is a plus.

The Importance of a Generator Service in Miami Before a Hurricane

CAT Power South Florida

June is the official start of hurricane season, meaning that tropical storms, hurricanes, and power outages become frequent occurrences. Generators help businesses and large corporations to stay afloat and running, even during the most intensive of Mother Nature’s fits. However, there’s nothing more frustrating than when a generator stops working when they’re needed the most. Having a generator inspection or generator service in Miami is recommended before the poor weather hits.

Consequences of a Postponed Generator Service in Miami

Postponing a generator repair, service, or inspection can be an issue during storm season. Though generators are used for many things, they are especially useful for unexpected power outages. One of the most common ways to use a generator is for businesses, as a few days without power can be detrimental to the company’s cash flow, data, productivity, and growth. Additionally, the lack of power can affect the air conditioning. Even if workers still come to work, their morale will be down as they’re warm and stuffy.

Residences also have generators, which can help children and older individuals stay comfortable as the storm passes. However, an interruption of a generator can cause frustration and make the duration of the outage stressful. For both children and seniors, this can take quite the toll. Generators, additionally, help with running water, which can make riding out a storm a tedious occasion.

At Pantropic Power in Miami, inspections and repairs are part of their specialties. They offer contingency plans to ensure that all business owners are equipped and prepared. Their CAT certified technicians are knowledgeable and quick, providing technical support for a safe workplace. In 1986, Miami’s store started as the original headquarters, for what later became a collection of 13 stores across South Florida. If you need generator service in Miami before the first hurricane, contact Pantropic Power for state-of-the-art products, replacements, repairs, parts, and rentals. Don’t wait until it’s too late, call 305-477-3329 today!

Why You’ll Want Generator Maintenance in Miami Before Hurricane Season

CAT Power South Florida

June 1 marks the official beginning of hurricane season, bringing with it months of intense storms and possible power outages. As a Florida resident, it is crucial that you look into generator maintenance in Miami before a disastrous storm strikes, such as Hurricane Irma. Many people in Florida were caught off guard by the intensity of that storm, but this year, we hope everyone is prepared.

How Can I Tell I Need Generator Maintenance in Miami?

Regardless of the signs, it is always a good idea to have your generator inspected, as there may be a surprise issue that needs attention. Unfortunately, many homeowners or business owners wait until a storm is approaching before they check on their generator. However, this also means that because of the little use throughout the year, many people are unaware of any potential problems.

There are a few signs that you can observe to decide if generator maintenance is right for you. First and foremost, if the generator has issues starting, this is a good indication that it will need to be looked at by a professional. Additionally, a generator that consumes more fuel than it should is another sign it may require a repair. Other indications revolve around the carbon monoxide detector transmitting positive readings, or inconsistent power.

All of the issues mentioned above are common for a generator, especially if they are older. At Pantropic Power, we are here to give guidance and advice on any generator maintenance in Miami, as well as replacements or replacement parts. This hurricane season, do not be surprised and dismayed when your generator stops working. Instead, know that it has been verified, tested, and inspected by a team with knowledge and understanding. As an authorized Caterpillar Dealer, we’re a number one choice. Call us today (954) 797 – 7972 to discuss how we can help make sure your generator works when you need it most. Hurricane season won’t wait.



Lantern Festival: A Generator Service in Miami

Thousands of residents of China’s Yuhu Village wore smiles on their face as almost nine thousand lanterns were strung together for a beautiful and bright seven and a half miles. What does it take to light an entire village for one of China’s most popular holidays, the Lantern Festival? The answer is a lot of teamwork and a series of Caterpillar 250,000-watt generators. Though our generator service in Miami is not nestled along the side of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, measuring seventy-nine hundred feet, Pantropic Power is proud to be an authorized Caterpillar Dealer.

If you’re looking for a generator service in Miami, call Pantropic Power!

While Miami and the mountainsides of China are entirely different, there is an important similarity here, and that’s what generators can genuinely help to transform situations, locations, and events. Though Miami residents may not be attending a lantern festival, local Florida natives do have graduations, family reunions, weddings, and other summer events that need hours of beautiful lighting.

A generator can help to bring an outdoor space to life, especially those of tent and picnic area structures. At Pantropic Power, our state-of-the-art generators can get our customers through any event at any time. If you already have a generator, yet believe it’s in need of services before the big day, we can also lend a helping hand in repairing, replacing, or inspecting.

There’s nothing like knowing that an event will bring together a community, neighborhood, family, or friends. Whether it’s a lantern festival in Yuhu or a tropical yard in Miami, Caterpillar Generators are available to bring happiness, power, electricity, and unity. If you’re searching for a generator service in Miami, look no further. Pantropic Power has what it takes to bring you the best of the best in both products and customer service. Call today at (954) 797 – 7972!

Temperature Control Units in Fort Lauderdale for Rent

South Florida is known for it’s beautiful, warm, sunny weather, ideal for many visitors and residents. However, there is a time when the warm weather does not serve residents well, and that’s when they need to keep something or somewhere cool. Luckily, there is a company here in Florida that are available to rent out temperature control units in Fort Lauderdale, giving you and your business the tools to be successful this summer.

Is it Easy to Rent Temperature Control Units in Fort Lauderdale?

Many business owners or residents of Florida don’t necessarily always need a temperature control unit, but they may want to rent one temporarily. At Pantropic Power, we offer a wide selection of temperature control units. We also provide rental backup power, rental air compressors, and rental generators. Regardless of what you’re in need of, the professionals at Pantropic Power have you covered!

When it comes to renting, nobody makes it easier than we do. We can help you decide what options are going to fit your needs best. If you’re someone who thinks that they may need a temperature control unit often, then it may be in your best interest to sign up to be a preferred rental customer. This special offer allows you to have as much service and maintenance as needed, technical support, staff training, and even contingency plans.
Regardless of if you’re looking to cool a large location or cool a small area, Pantropic Power is the rental service for you. We’ve been in service since 1986. While we only started as one store, we now employ over fifty individuals and have multiple locations. If there’s a state in America that could use a temperature control unit, it is undoubtedly Florida. If you’ve been on the lookout for temperature control units in Fort Lauderdale, please call us. With our excellent customer care and a vast array of information, we can help you find the best options that fit your budget. Call us today!

How Temporary Camp Power in Fort Lauderdale is Making this Summer Enjoyable

Summer is approaching and will be here before we know it. While there are plenty of enjoyable activities during the middle months, few are more exciting than camping trips. Camping is a wonderful family bonding option or an amazing way to escape the city and connect with Florida’s beautiful nature locations. Camping is quite incredible, and is only improved with the help of temporary camp power in Fort Lauderdale.

Can Temporary Camp Power in Fort Lauderdale Enhance the Camping Experience?

The lack of electricity can be a real problem for many families and young people as they adventure out into the wilderness. Having an electric generator can add massive amounts of value during these memorable experiences. While it is possible to enjoy camping without the use of a generator, there are multiple benefits to using one as well.

A significant benefit is that you can charge your portable electronics. If you’re in an area, you’re unfamiliar with, having a cell phone that is charged continuously may be useful. Alternatively, if you’re a family with small children, movies at night on tablets offer a way for them to settle down and eventually drift off to sleep. The reason most people think a generator is a good idea is that it keeps the lights on when you need them. This is especially true for families with young children who may be scared of the dark or for those who are going to be camping without the help of a full moon. Lanterns are the traditional option, but leave many fearing for an unwanted and accidental fire.

If you’re planning to camp with friends, you may want to be sure that your speaker system doesn’t give out in the middle of the modern day campfire. When you’re camping, you’re also responsible for food, as there are not usually supermarkets nearby. Electricity allows you to bring blenders, toasters, and any other favorites you may desire to use on your vacation.

At Pantropic Power, we offer a wide variety of generators for either sale or rental, making us one of the top stops in South Florida for electrical needs. We know that summer is the season to enjoy the great outdoors, but now, with temporary camp power in Fort Lauderdale, you and your family can enjoy with a little-added luxury. Call us today to secure your temporary camp power!

Who Can Help With My CAT C32 Overhaul In Miami?

CAT Power Systems South Florida

The Caterpillar C32 Engine is a marine diesel motor. In South Florida, our marine environment is constant, as summer lasts all year round. Because of this, marine motors and engines have repairs more often than those who keep boats in other areas of the United States. It can be difficult to find a company who knows all there is to know about marine life, boating, engines, and CAT machinery. Luckily, at Pantropic Power, we offer a multitude of knowledge on diesel motors, and can easily help our customers with all of their CAT C32 Overhaul Miami.

What Exactly Is An Overhaul?

For those new to the marina lifestyle, the word “overhaul” and its meaning may be difficult to grasp. Essentially, an overhaul is a service offered by our professionals at Pantropic Power. Engine Overhauls give clients a “like new” engine. This is more cost-effective, as a new engine is incredibly pricey. At Pantropic Power, we have authorized Caterpillar Power System Dealers. In fact, we are the only certified dealers in all of South Florida, making us the best choice for all CAT machinery needs.

What Can I Expect From A CAT C32 Overhaul In Miami?

When a boat or yacht owner needs an engine overhaul, the engine must be removed, cleaned, inspected, and repaired. Then, the engine is thoroughly inspected by our skilled and certified technicians to ensure that your “like new” engine is running appropriately. Overhauling generally includes checking gaskets, oil seals, bearings, fuel coolers, seawater pumps, thermostats, and more.

How Can I Schedule An Inspection?

At Pantropic Power, we offer free engine inspections. If your C32 engine is in need of repair, remodeling, or simply an entirely new pick-me-up, perhaps a CAT C32 overhaul in Miami is your best choice. With over a decade of experience and practice, our team is assembled of the best technicians South Florida has to offer. Though a new engine may sound enticing, don’t spend the money if you don’t have to. Call (305)-592-4944 today!

Three Helpful Generator Maintenance Tips For Miami

Generators are stored away until they are needed. But if your generator is not taken care of properly, it may suffer from issues that will stop it from working when it is needed most. Generators help our homes and businesses keep their power on, even when disaster strikes. Generator maintenance in Miami is essential. A healthy, well-functioning generator could be the difference between anger and frustration, or peace and comfort.

How Can You Perform Optimal Generator Maintenance In Miami?

In business since 1986, starting as a single store in Miami, Pantropic Power specializes in Electrical Power Generation Systems. We know that it can be easy to neglect our generators until a hurricane or tropical storm raises havoc, but with these generator maintenance tips, you can rest assured knowing that your generator will be ready to work efficiently when the time comes.

Oil & Filters

Your generator works hard, especially when expected to perform for long periods of time. Generators will need oil within the first 25 hours of running. If the power outage takes many days, you’ll want to be sure that you’ve collected the necessary supplies to keep your generator performing smoothly. Filters are important, as they help you to clean the generator. This needs to happen every 60 hours. Many individuals don’t know that generators take significant maintenance during a long storm, and if you aren’t ready with the appropriate supplies, you may be in for trouble.

Cool Your Engines!

Like most machines, your generator will need to be refueled every so often. However, one of the most tragic mistakes home and business owners make is refueling the generator when the engine is still hot. This can cause a life-threatening experience. Instead, wait approximately 20-30 minutes without your generator, and allow it to properly cool.

Don’t Let Your Generator Run Out Of Gas

Another mistake many home and business owners make during a power outage is letting their generators run out of gas. Not having proper supplies is detrimental to your generator’s lifespan, and you may find yourself heading to a repair shop when you should be resting comfortably at home. Your generator may come to a stop, but the electrical currents will still be sending messages through the circuits. This drains your generators ability to produce power, leaving you out of luck during hurricanes and tropical storms.
At Pantropic Power, we offer generator maintenance in Miami, in case anything happens to your backup power supply. We understand that not all individuals are familiar with proper generator maintenance, but never fear, Pantropic Power is here! With years of experience with heavy-duty machinery, repairs, parts, and sales, we are South Florida’s number one choice for all generator needs. We offer 24/7 parts availability and onsite product support, as we know mishaps can happen at any time. Don’t go through storm season without a trustworthy and dependable name to call. Put our number in your phone today!

Save Your Business with Rental Power Solutions

CAT Power South Florida

Picture this. You own a business. You knew that hurricane season was about to start, but you didn’t really pay attention to the preparations you might need for when a hurricane forms. Later, you experience a category 3 hurricane and your business is left with no electricity. You are left in the dark with no light. You see the effects of not being better prepared for the hurricane season. You see a loss in your business’ productivity, data, and profits.  

Rental Power You can Rely On

Power disturbances are expensive. Power disturbances can take days to get fixed. They are horrible for customers, too. They will not able to buy the things they need after a hurricane because your business is not open due to a loss of electricity.  

Pantropic Power is a generator service provider. Our Fort Lauderdale location can be a resourceful place for you to know. Why? You can go there in person and rent a generator set or cooling system from Pantropic Power. Our CAT rental fleet is the most modern and largest in South Florida.  

We keep up with the regulations stated by the Florida Building Commission (FBC) with regards to electrical generators. Every Pantropic Power System is built to your own specifications. Each generator we give you comes with fuel tank and enclosure options that meet and exceed FBC regulations.  

Whether you need stand-by power for your daily business or you need on-location power for a special event you are hosting, Pantropic Power can customize a turn-key solution to override any power interruptions. We are South Florida’s authorized Caterpillar dealer specializing in CAT Power Systems, CAT Marine Propulsion, and CAT On-highway engines. We are also a genuine CAT parts and Caterpillar certified repair and maintenance provider.  

If you need assistance in signing up to become a rental customer, call us today at 1-800-237-2945. That is our toll free 24 hour hotline. Caterpillar Rental power experts are standing by right now. Pantropic Power is your premier one source, call, and solution for generator rentals. 

Be Prepared for a Hurricane Early & Not When It’s Too Late

It is always better to be prepared for a hurricane before the tropical storm warnings than waiting for later to get ready. Too many businesses lose money when they remain without power after a hurricane. That’s why it’s important to have a backup generator. It ensures your business will be up and running while your competitors are still in the dark. Pantropic Power in Miami has a comprehensive fleet of reliable generator sets ranging from 20KW-2MW trailer mounted and sound attenuated. 

Every company should have in place a hurricane contingency plan. The plan is designed to protect the staff and visitors in their safety and health during a hurricane. Pantropic Power wants the best for you and your employees.

When you sign up to be a preferred rental customer of Pantropic Power, you can enjoy the following advantages:  

  • We help you set-up a contingency plan, so that all parts of your facilities are fully prepared if and when the worst scenario strikes. 
  • We will provide all maintenance and service support through a single point of contact. 
  • We make sure that you will be in line for power generation equipment and fueling schedules. 
  • We can provide technical support by CAT certified technicians or relevant training workshops.  
  • We assist you in planning for a business recovery after a hurricane and provide temperature control of an existing building or even a temporary structure. 

Pantropic Power in Miami, FL has diesel generators and we also specialize in mega yacht service maintenance. We know how power disturbances can cost you money for your business. Don’t let time pass you by or wait for a hurricane warning to go into effect. Call us today!