Engineering Manager

Seeking an experienced individual that will be responsible for managing all activities and personnel for engineering and construction projects. Will also be responsible for project planning and scheduling, cost estimating and monitoring, and quality review. Ideal candidate must have a degree in Engineering and at least 5 years of project management experience.  Must also be detail oriented and have excellent analytical skills.  Bilingual a plus

Common Types of Power Outages that May Require Temporary Power in Fort Lauderdale

Temporary Power Fort Lauderdale, FL | Temporary Power Units | Power Generators

In South Florida, we don’t experience power outages as often as the northern states, as we don’t suffer from severe winters and ice storms. However, that doesn’t mean that we’re never without electricity. One of the most challenging aspects about living in South Florida is that when the power doesn’t work, our homes become feeding grounds for mold and mildew, as the AC is turned off and the heat takes over. For this reason, it’s important to know where you can find temporary power in Fort Lauderdale, just in case your home becomes a target. If you’ve been considering finding a temporary power source provider, keep reading! 


Fight Against Hurricanes with Temporary Power in Fort Lauderdale 

One of the most common reasons for temporary power in South Florida is due to storms. Hurricane season is nearly over, but that doesn’t mean there can’t be surprises. Hurricanes come through in force, bringing torrential downpours, plenty of wind, and an abundance of hail on occasion. This intense mixture can leave South Florida homeowners scrambling for materials to help them keep their homes safe. Yet, what many people don’t prepare for is the potential loss of power. It’s not uncommon for the power to remain off for weeks, especially in more rural areas. At Pantropic Power, we offer temporary power units that you can rent, giving you peace of mind when the next hurricane rolls through town. 


Downed Trees 

South Florida is home to many types of plant life and is home to many large trees. Some of these trees are very old and very heavy. When a tree falls down, it can land on power lines that take away electricity from the surrounding homes. Because power lines act like dominos, what affects one line can easily affect many miles more. Generally, electric companies will try to keep trees away from powerlines, though it’s not always possible. If you find that a tree has landed on a power line near you, you’ll want temporary power to keep your home and family safe, secure, and running smoothly without sudden interruptions. 



There are some scenarios where a car will run into a powerline. While the damages are far worse for the individual driving, it can cause problems for you and your household. For example, you may notice that suddenly, your home is without power. You can’t find the source! It’s a clear day, and there’s not the slightest breeze to bring down your local trees. What could be the cause? More than likely, there was an accident nearby in the manner of a collision with a powerline. You’ll need to wait until the power is back on, but temporary power can sustain you in the meantime. Whether you’re renting for a day or a week, Pantropic Power has you covered. 


Pests and Animals 

If you think that an accident was a challenge to identify in regard to the source of your power outage, imagine trying to find short circuit issues caused by pests and animals! Every once and a while, a snake, rodent, or small animal can chew through the cables in your home causing an outage. These can take an expert some time to find and repair, leaving you in need of temporary power. 


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If you’ve been considering finding a local temporary power provider near you, you’re in the right place. At Pantropic Power, we believe that all people should have access to power when they need it the most. Homes in South Florida can get very warm very quickly, and mold can grow within just a few short hours. Avoid being another statistic, or spending thousands of dollars on a mold remediation project. Contact the rental team at Pantropic Power today at 305-970-5902 for temporary power in Fort Lauderdale. If you’re interested in becoming a preferred rental customer for additional advantages, just ask! We’ll help you keep your lights on!

Pantropic Power is Your Go-To Source for Temporary Power Supply in Miami

Emergency Power Rental Miami, FL | Temporary Power Source

As summer comes to an end and the festivities begin, you may believe that you need to own your power sources. But this simply is not the case! For the sake of convenience and cost, your next outdoor party or event should be powered by rented equipment from Pantropic Power. Whether you need to have a tent blown-up or have your accessories electrically powered to give your last summer barbeque that extra sense of amazement, speak to the professionals at Pantropic Power about rental power in Miami. 


Emergency Rental Power

If your power randomly shuts down, Pantropic Power can provide emergency rental power to both commercial and residential events! At Pantropic Power, we believe what sets us apart from the competition is our extensive lineup of CAT rental options and outstanding customer service. In the event you need electricity for only a short period of time, Pantropic Power offers rental generators for those in Miami! Our rental generators provide ample electricity to power an entire home or for any outdoor extravaganza! They also are fuel-efficient and have various customizable options so you can select a generator that fits your needs. 


As South Florida’s Authorized Caterpillar™ Power System Solutions Provider, our CAT rental options are large and modern, and you have plenty of options to choose from. Pantropic Power is here ready to customize your solutions so that in the event of any emergency or on a special occasion, you can go right ahead and do what you need to do. If you’re looking for a generator outside of providing emergency rental power, then you may want to consider becoming a preferred rental customer. 


There are many advantages to becoming a preferred rental customer. For instance, preferred rental customers have access to many of our incredible benefits, including our contingency plans for disasters. These optional contingency plans are perfect for in case of emergency, especially right now, while South Florida is in hurricane season. When you choose our contingency planning services, you’ll receive full facility prepared plans. When the scenario strikes, we’ll make sure that you’re first in line for power generation equipment and fueling schedules. We also offer technical support, training workshops, and temperature control.


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No matter the time of year, Pantropic Power has the tools and equipment to either help power your home in case of an emergency or provide support for industrial power for your business. With our excellent knowledge, unparalleled customer care, and great services, there’s no reason why you should rely on anyone else for temporary services in Miami. You don’t need to cancel or postpone your special event when you can just trust Pantropic Power to take care of it. We’re here to help meet all of your needs with the best generators and rental air compressors in Miami. Call our rental department today at (786) 402-5097, and see how we can help you power up your event, get your business up and running, and keep stable in case of any emergencies.

Who Can Provide Temporary Electric Power for Your Business in Miami?

Temporary Electric Power Miami, FL | Emergency Rental Power Miami

When living in South Florida in the midst of hurricane season, it’s no secret that disastrous weather can come at any minute. When this weather strikes, your work commute won’t be the only thing that gets interrupted, but your business’ electricity can also go out. When your business’s electricity goes out, you lose productivity, data, and profits. If bad weather causes a power outage at the office, Pantropic Power has the turn-key solutions that will get your business back up and running.


Take, for instance, Hurricane Irma, numerous cities in South Florida were without power for weeks. Don’t let this happen to your company! With a Caterpillar™ Power System generator, your business can continue to run smoothly no matter how long the hurricane inconveniences you. Pantropic Power is South Florida’s Authorized Caterpillar™ Power System Solutions Provider and is ready to power your business this hurricane season. By utilizing an integrated power system solution, you can significantly reduce your dependency on the electric utility, shave your energy usage and cost, and as a result, have emergency backup power when you need it the most.


Hurricanes and tropical storms are nothing new to Miami, but they can be detrimental to your business’ productivity. By investing in one of our Caterpillar™ Power Systems, you can avoid the minor inconvenience of losing power for an extended period of time. In today’s world, everything requires electricity to run: computers, appliances, and lighting. Without electricity, your company cannot connect to clients, partners, or customers. But with a diesel-fueled generator from Pantropic Power, your business’ tools can stay on, and productivity can remain efficient. 


The best way to minimize business downtime during hurricane season is to have temporary electric power ready on standby. Pantropic Power has a full inventory of diesel, gas, and rental generators specifically designed for commercial use to help your business in any electrical emergency. For all your generator needs, Pantropic Power is your one call, one source, and one solution for power outages. 


For Miami businesses, Pantropic Power specializes in diesel-powered generators to provide temporary electric power when your business needs it the most. Known for their durability and high efficiency, diesel generators are superior to gasoline-powered generators. Although diesel generators are more expensive, when you calculate the increased mileage you can get out of the fuel, the price even outs. Essentially, a gallon of fuel will power a diesel generator much longer than a gallon would for a gasoline-powered generator. Furthermore, diesel generators are built in accordance with global emissions compliance, so you can feel better about giving your Miami business temporary power!


From 6 to 14,040 ekW of power potential, a diesel-fueled generator set from Pantropic Power is built to world-class standards. At Pantropic Power, our commercial and industrial generator sets come in a range of options to match your power needs, making selecting and installing simple. As the number one CAT Power Systems provider, Pantropic Power has a large lineup of CAT Powered Generators that are sure to provide the power you are looking for. If the price is a concern, our prices are also extremely affordable, which allows a generator to fit into most budgets. Being without power and not knowing when it will come back on can be a miserable experience, especially with the end of summer heat in Miami. With Pantropic Power, you can discover power designed for your demands!


Since 1965, Pantropic Power has been offering knowledge and experience on integrated power systems to help businesses and regular people alike manage their electrical energy system. Pantropic Power has an expert team of technicians that can design, construct, manage, and maintain any major facility’s electrical system. Our technicians also have the latest diagnostic tools available to service any industrial, marine, truck, or RV engine. Furthermore, Pantropic Power also is CAT Certified for Repair and Maintenance Services. Serving the Miami community for decades, Pantropic Power is ready to serve your business today! To learn more about our large lineup of CAT Powered Generators, contact us today by calling (305) 592-4944. We look forward to providing your business with power today!

5 Features That Make Our CAT Machines Maximize Performance

CAT Machines Miami | CAT Technology | CAT Machine

Doing construction work is never easy, no matter the task or setting. But one thing that does make it easier is CAT machinery. This machinery is one of the best out there and consistently maximizes performance for all projects it is used for. Whether you have used CAT machinery before or are looking to begin, Pantropic Power, located in Miami, Florida, is the place to rent out the machines. We have tons of machinery for any of your project needs and even have a rental program that comes with benefits. But, if you’re new to CAT machines then you may want to know what the excitement is all about. After all, the machinery is everywhere, from highways to backroads; however, here at Pantropic Power, we’re going to break down what makes these machines so great.


  • CAT Technology


One part of the machines that many do not know about is the technology portion. Our machinery has technology built into the machine so you can ensure it is running at its peak performance. The technology also can let you know when there is an issue with the machine, that way you know when it needs to be fixed and can stay on track with your progress without any delays. While the machines do not commonly have issues, it’s good to know when regular maintenance is needed to keep them going. Similar to a car, CAT machinery needs the occasional check-up. The technology can also assist with how the machine maneuvers, making it now easier than ever to get a project done.


  • Lift and Stability 

The CAT machines are used for many different tasks, including lifting. Without these machines, lifting heavy objects would be next to impossible. This is especially true on most construction sites. When these machines lift objects, they provide a stability that other machines simply cannot. This may not seem like an important aspect of lifting; however, without the stability, it would not matter how heavy the CAT machines can lift, the items being lifted would have a hard time efficiently moving from point A to point B.


  • Control

 A big part of any construction project is having control over what you are moving to. This is something the CAT machinery can help with. Operating many of the machines out there can be difficult, making any project more complicated. With CAT, you can expect precision and accuracy when maneuvering your machinery and objects. This control will boost performance and help move along the operation.


  • Breakout Force

The breakout force comes down to the power of the machine. The more powerful it is and the more force applied to tasks, the more successful and efficient everything is as a whole. This can significantly reduce the time of a project all due to productivity. It may not sound like it would make a big difference now; but trust us, it adds up in the grand scheme of things.


  • Hydraulic Horsepower Advantage

This aspect of the CAT machines is all worked on during the engineering part. While you do not need to worry about this, it’s good to know that the engineers add in more power to the CAT machines. Essentially, the hydraulics is what does the work on the machine. The engine power goes into this function and results in an increase in productivity and a reduction in time doing whatever task you have the machine assisting with. All in all, this feature adds a boost to the machine and what it is capable of. 


Contact Us Today

If you have been looking for a way to boost productivity, power, and efficiency, then a CAT machine is the solution for you. These machines can change the prospect of any project and dramatically reduce the time needed to spend on it. Not sure what machine you need? Our team can help you figure out what machinery will help you get the job done. The best part about giving our team a call is that you can sign up to be a preferred rental customer and receive tons of awesome benefits. To learn more about Pantropic Power and our CAT rentals, give us a call today at (305) 592-4944. We are looking forward to assisting you! 

How A Cat Electronic Technician Can Help You

CAT Techncian Miami, FL | CAT Machine Techinician

Everyone is at least somewhat familiar with the yellow cat machines. They are present in almost every area with construction. However, when it comes to how these machines work and what they do, many people draw a blank. That’s no big deal, that’s what our team at Pantropic Power, located in Miami, Florida, are here for. There is so much more to these machines than what meets the eye. The biggest misconception is that the construction workers on the machines are fully in control and maneuvering the machinery how they like it. While this is true to an extent, the maneuvering isn’t done through the video game control looking device people seem to think it’s done by. Sure, there may be some knobs and buttons, but there truly is so much more going on. These machines are run with tons of technology. Which is where the Cat Electronic Technician comes in.


What Exactly is the Cat Electronic Technician?

The Cat Electronic Technician, otherwise known as the ET, is a software that helps technicians and Chief Engineers with the Cat machinery. It does this by picking up on any potential or existing problems. Machines are not human so naturally, we can’t always know what is wrong with them, but with this technology in place, the machine has a function that will let us know when there is a problem and what it is. Knowing this information is vital as it will prevent issues from getting worse in the machines, thus, making repairs more expensive.


How Does the Cat Electronic Technician Help Machinery Renters?

Now how does this help you as a Cat machine renter? It helps with productivity throughout the project you are working on. When you know a machine has a problem or could potentially have a problem then you can easily schedule a time for it to be fixed. But, when a problem occurs and we don’t know about it the machine could work at half the power and slow down the project. The ET is also an extreme benefit when the machines are working correctly with no issues. They help maximize project efficiency by monitoring fuel consumption, miles traveled, and hours operated. All of this can help any project leader when it comes to getting an idea of how far along you are. This feature can also help monitor where employees are at in their tasks. The ET also helps out employees. With the help options feature employees will never have to worry about not knowing what to do or how to maneuver the machine. The help options are there to guide everyone on every task that the machine can perform. This boosts productivity and efficiency for all.


Where is the Electronic Technician Available?

While you may be able to rent Cat machinery at a few different places, not all of the other places are going to offer the Cat ET the way Pantropic Power will. Here at Pantropic Power, we offer the Cat ET to all of our rental clients. We know how much productivity and efficiency are important for any construction project, which is why we want to make sure our machines are meeting those expectations. When you rent with us, you also have the option of being a preferred rental customer. This means that along with the Cat ET, you will be given extra benefits such as training workshops, power generation equipment, storm recovery, and maintenance support.

Contact Us Today! 

For all of your Cat machine needs be sure to sign up as a preferred rental customer at Pantropic Power, located in Miami, Florida. While renting our machinery without being a preferred rental customer gives you all the great benefits of the Cat Electronic Technician, why not reap more benefits if you can. With our ET technology, you are bound to see a difference in the success and productivity of your projects and employees. To learn more about Pantropic Power and our services, give us a call today at (305) 970-5902. Our team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you and your rental needs. We are looking forward to assisting you with your companies project!

Marine Technician

Seeking experienced diesel mechanics to diagnose, service and repair marine engines. Ideal candidate must have at least 3 years of experience.  Knowledge of parts and equipment is a must. Position will also require completing paperwork such as service reports and time entry on a laptop computer and or computer screen and work orders and perform other job-related duties as assigned. Must have your own hand tools. Special tools provided. Must be a high school graduate. Mechanical aptitude needed. Valid Florida driver license with a clean record will be needed. Company vehicle provided for field work.

Production Technician

Seeking a highly motivated individual for an entry level technician position to work in a busy production shop.  Candidate will be responsible for assembling, disassembling, and performing maintenance on diesel engines and generators.  Some experience in diesel engine repair is preferred.  A certification from a vocational/trade school and/or an Associate’s degree is a plus.

Power Generation Specialist

We are urgently seeking talented and passionate Power Generation Specialists to consider career paths working with The Authorized Caterpillar Dealer in South Florida. The ideal candidate must be able to diagnose, service and repair power generation engines, generators and switch gears. Candidate must be able to act responsibly and independently and be willing to travel overseas extensively.
Competitive compensation up to $54.00 per hour when traveling, Paid Time Off, Benefits: Medical, Dental, and Vision Insurance, Health Reimbursement Account and Flexible Spending Account Options. Employee Assistance Program Disability, Life, and AD&D Insurance Company Match 401(k), Profit Sharing and Job Efficiency Bonus.

What are the Advantages of Being a Preferred CAT Rental Customer?

CAT Rental | CAT Machine Rental

If your business is one that constantly requires CAT machinery then chances are that you depend a lot on this machinery to make you a profit and complete business projects. There’s nothing wrong with that, but, it can be pretty time consuming to have to constantly worry about getting the CAT machinery for the projects. This is also before you have considered all of the fees for renting the machinery. While a rental now and again will not be frustrating or break the bank, constantly having to rent from various companies can become stressful. Especially since every company has different policies and prices per rental. If this sounds like your situation then you are probably looking for a way out. That’s where Pantropic Power comes in. We offer a program called the Preferred Rental Customer where you can enjoy many advantages compared to a one time renter. These advantages, along with a consistent place to rent from, will take away all your stress when it comes to securing a CAT machine. Keep reading to learn more.

Technical Support

With any machine comes the occasional problem, and here at Pantropic Power, we know all about that. Which is why we offer 24/7 support on our toll-free line. This is standard for us; however, as a preferred rental customer, you can get technical support by CAT certified technicians and trainers. This support can help you when something goes wrong or when you are unsure of how to work a specific function of the machine. Whether you are an expert at CAT machinery or a beginner, there is always going to come a moment where some extra help is needed to get started. This is where our constant support will come in and help out. The support feature is also great for those who want to learn more about CAT machinery. If you want to learn more or have a new employee who needs to learn more, you can do it through Pantropic Power’s support lines. We offer workshops for those who want to take them. These workshops will cover all kinds of topics that are essential to know for anyone involved with CAT products.

Extra Assistance

Did a hurricane recently strike? Are you in need of power generation equipment? We got you covered when you are a preferred rental customer. In Florida, hurricane season can be a breeze or a full-blown disaster. Regardless of what ends up happening, everyone still needs to be prepared. This includes your company. Sometimes with preparation, there still requires a little bit of recovery to be done. This is another aspect we will assist with. Our team will help you with storm recovery in the form of power generation equipment temperature controls for buildings and structures. Here at Pantropic Power, we know that sometimes life happens and things are out of your control. This is why we work with you to make sure your facilities are prepared for the worst-case scenario at all times. We will work hard so you have all the machinery you need despite whatever the circumstance is. Included in this are plans. Our team will work to lay out some plans for the future to prepare for any number of scenarios that you may face as a company. With this kind of preparation, we can all be ready to embrace whatever happens knowing that we can still get the job done.

Whether your company needs easier access to CAT products, or simply wants assistance with storm recovery or machinery operation, we are here for you. Not only will you receive extra support and training, but you also will get access to assistance during storm recovery. This is extremely helpful in the State of Florida where hurricane season can be brutal. Knowing you have strong assistance will also give you peace of mind that your company and its projects will be taken care of. You won’t have to worry about skipping a beat with Pantropic Power on your team. To learn more about our preferred rental customer option or Pantropic Power’s many services, give us a call today at (305) 970-5902. We are looking forward to assisting you!