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Electrical Controls Engineer

Seeking a Field Engineer to design, modify, develop, write and implement software-programming for industrial control applications. Candidate must have a BS in Electrical Engineering with at least 1 year of relevant work experience. Must also have the ability to read schematics and blue prints for power control and automation as well as design and programming of automated control systems using Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC’s), Human Machine Interfaces (HMI’s), PC controls and distributed processing. Bilingual a plus.


The #1 Marine Engine Service and Repair in Miami

There’s never a good time for your yacht or boat to break down. And for some in South Florida, boating is a way of life. Yachting and boating is a fun pastime here in South Florida, and not only for the rich and famous. For others, a boat represents their livelihood and sole source of income. As with every vehicle on land or sea, from to time, your engine may need maintenance or a complete overhaul. In any case, you want a company like Pantropic Power, Inc. on speed dial to make sure you keep your marine vehicle up and running at all times. Whether it’s a propulsion engine, generator sets and auxiliary engines, the caring team at Pantropic Power are at your service 24/7.  Do yourself a favor and call on a trusted name in South Florida if you expect the highest quality and dependability.

No company services marine engines in Miami better than Pantropic Power, Inc. They have the experience and knowledge needed to keep marine vessels performing at their best.  Yachting is a luxury sport that many people in South Florida enjoy year-round. From pleasure cruising to diving to fishing excursions, getting quality marine engines serviced in Miami should not be compromised. When you need assistance and support you can rely on, only Pantropic Power employs the top quality technicians with years of experience helping ships, yachts, and other marine vessels run smoothly.

It’s No Wonder Pantropic Power is the Best at What They Do

At Pantropic Power, Inc. we offer free, on-site inspections to ensure your vessel is always performing up to speed.  From mega-yachts, sailboats to cruisers and smaller powerboats, Pantropic Power can service them all. No job is too big or too small for us! Whether your vessel isn’t starting up or you’re just not getting the full power you need, our exceptional technicians can correct a wide variety of marine engine problems in Miami. 

Pantropic Power is Miami’s Number 1 Distributor of Caterpillar Marine Engines 

Pantropic Power, Inc. is an authorized dealer of CAT marine engines in Miami. These engines utilize cutting-edge technology for superior quality in propulsion. But should your vessel require repairs, the professional technicians at Pantropic Power can provide expert maintenance care along with the right Caterpillar parts needed to keep your vessel in top shape. Our licensed and bonded technicians provide a variety of marine engine maintenance in Miami including:  

  • Installation of a new CAT marine engine 
  • Vessel engine overhauls 
  • Marine Oil changes 
  • Thorough diagnostic tests
  • CAT engine repairs

Our Customers’ Satisfaction is Our Number One Priority

To keep the wide range of South Florida’s yachts, ships and boats in top shape on the water, it takes a team of highly trained marine engine service experts to get the job done. Our exceptional team at Pantropic Power, Inc. can provide refits on generator sets up to 500 kW or 2500 hp. We also offer warranties on all of our parts and services. In addition to marine engine service in Miami, Pantropic Power, Inc. also provides commercial and residential power generation, industrial engine solutions, and CAT truck services and maintenance.  To learn more about their marine engine service in Miami, call the experts at Pantropic Power, Inc. today.   You can come by to purchase an engine or get an estimate on a repair for your marine engines in Miami by calling us today at (305) 592-4944.


Is Your Diesel Generator in Miami Ready for Hurricane Season or Worse?

With the start of hurricane season just a few months away in South Florida, people are starting to get prepared. Last season, South Florida had a reprieve, but that doesn’t mean you should let your guard down where mother nature is concerned. It’s always best to begin preparations as soon as possible. That means getting your hurricane kit ready and making sure that your roof and windows are in good working order. At Pantropic Power, Inc. we’ve seen too many homeowners and business owners wait until the last minute to start making preparations. When a hurricane hits, one of the first things people will lose is power. One day without power might be okay but think about living in your home for a week or two without electricity. And in humid Miami, living in a home without air conditioning can be unbearable. One way to ensure that you don’t lose power is to purchase a generator from a trusted company. It only takes one major storm to completely lose power and then what do you do? If you’re a homeowner or business owner, a long-term power outage can be devastating for many reasons such as loss of refrigeration, air conditioning, and computer systems. The experienced team at Pantropic provides the perfect solution. We have a complete line of CAT diesel generators in Miami designed to keep your home or business running efficiently and fully powered throughout any storm or catastrophic event.  And now with everyone staying inside their homes to stave off the threat of the Coronavirus, you don’t want to risk losing electricity during the warmer months. Pantropic Power gives you peace of mind.

Where can I find the best CAT diesel generator in South Florida?

Pantropic Power, Inc. is known worldwide and offers unparalleled services in the industry. Since 1986, we have been providing and servicing diesel generators in Miami for both businesses and homes. We are South Florida’s leading dealer of CAT diesel generators, reliable machines that are known for their power and efficiency. What’s more, diesel fuel is also very cost-effective. Although it’s priced slightly more than conventional gasoline, it has a higher energy density and is far more efficient. For example, vehicles with diesel engines get higher mileage compared to vehicles that use the same volume of conventional gasoline. Diesel fuel is also heavier and oilier and is designed for heavy-duty transportation and equipment. 

What are some advantages to owning a diesel generator?

Did you know that diesel engines require no sparkplugs? That’s why they require less maintenance and are not as noisy as some other generators. They also tend to be more reliable. Also, fuel costs per kilowatt are 30 to 50 percent lower than gas engines of similar size. That’s a big saving. When it comes to diesel power generators in Miami, no brand is more trusted than Caterpillar. In addition to providing generator rentals in Miami, Pantropic Power, Inc., can provide maintenance to your existing generator to ensure that your home or office always has power and light.     

How do I get started?

To prepare for a long-term power outage, you need to acquire the best quality diesel generator in Miami. Pantropic Power, Inc. provides affordable generators and rentals in Miami to ensure your home or business is operating smoothly without any interruption. We carry generators of all sizes, ranging from electrical generators for industrial and commercial establishments to portable generators that can be used for your home.  Diesel generators aren’t just for hurricane preparation. Power outages can happen at any time. And in these trying times, you can never be too prepared for any devastating situation. Rest assured that in any crisis, these powerful machines provide the most dependable power back-up. Don’t wait for a disaster to happen–prepare now. Call the team at Pantropic Power, Inc. today at (305) 592-4944, to get started. 


Diesel Engine Technician

Seeking an experienced individual to work in a Production environment.  Candidate will be responsible for repairing, rebuilding, and diagnosing diesel engines. Electrical background preferred.  Must have at least 2 years of experience. Bilingual a plus.


Preventive Maintenance Technician

Seeking an individual to perform preventive maintenance repairs on generators, as well as industrial engines. Ideal candidate must have a minimum of 2 years of experience. Electrical background a plus.



Fort Lauderdale

Marine Technician

Seeking experienced diesel mechanics to diagnose, service, and repair marine engines. Ideal candidate must have at least 3 years of experience.


West Palm Beach

Marine Technician

Seeking experienced diesel mechanics to diagnose, service, and repair marine engines. Ideal candidate must have at least 3 years of experience.


Fort Myers

Power Generation Specialist

Seeking diesel engine technicians to diagnose, service and repair industrial and power generation equipment.  Ideal candidate must have at least 2+ years of experience.  Bilingual a plus.  CAT certifications preferred.