Rental Projects

Temperature Control Units in Fort Lauderdale for Rent

South Florida is known for it’s beautiful, warm, sunny weather, ideal for many visitors and residents. However, there is a time when the warm weather does not serve residents well, and that’s when they need to keep something or somewhere cool. Luckily, there is a company here in Florida that are available to rent out […]

EPG Projects

CAT Power South Florida

Truck Service Maintenance in Fort Meyers

When it comes to a truck service maintenance in Fort Meyers, you don’t want to trust just anyone. After all, the truck you use for your business brings in revenue for you and your employees. The last thing that would be beneficial to your venture is a truck that went in for maintenance and came […]

Industrial Projects

Fort Lauderdale Water Line Break: What Went Wrong

On Wednesday, July 17th, residents of Fort Lauderdale and surrounding areas woke up to unexpected and inconvenient news: the main line supplying water to an estimated 220,000 people was broken overnight, and there was no estimated timeline for a complete repair. Residents were told to avoid using water unless absolutely crucial, as the entire city […]

Marine Projects

Staying Safe on the Water: Five Boat Maintenance Services You Need Before Your Next Voyage

Florida is all about having fun on the water! With summer break quickly coming to an end, people across the state are looking for one more trip out into open waters. Whether you’re going out for a fishing trip with the guys or hosting friends on your yacht, staying safe and being prepared is vital […]